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How to handle a bully by yourself ?

We all faced bullies in our lives, some of us are facing them even now. For girls who still face this kind of stress in their college or work places, this will be helpful. First and foremost to know better about handling bullying let us categorize them according to types.

Physical bullying

These people attempt physical abuse. They try and hurt you physically causing injuries. Like hitting, punching and kicking. They are very dangerous kind and you should immediately complain about them to someone who can help you as soon as possible. I won’t be speaking about this type as you can handle this mostly by third party interference unless you learn martial arts over-night.

Verbal bullying

These are the second most dangerous people. They come around you and attack you with their hurtful words. They even try to intimidate you by these kinds of actions.

Emotional bullying

We Indian girls are most prone for this exact kind of bullying, they befriend you and spread rumors about you behind your back or pass an insulting comment when you are in a group or with your higher employers. This type of bullying causes a lot of stress and anxiety.

Cyber bullying

We are not new to the world of computers and cell phones, many introverts are subjected to cyber bullying as they depend on their virtual friends. Every other person is subjected to cyber bullying in this world if they don’t stand up for themselves.

Now coming to the important part of how to handle bullies!


Understanding the nature of your bully

First make yourself the third person and think about it! That person bullies you to make you feel worse about yourself that is the purest form of negativity. No happy person has that kind of negative nature it means she/he is a sad little person in their life and feels very insecure about them. Therefore to  mask those insecurities they pick on other people there is no doubt in that. This first point itself shows that you are already above them.

Ignoring your bully

On the other hand ignoring is the best response you can give verbal bullies. Just ignore their pitiful existence and walk away as if you don’t even notice them. This insults them better than answering or arguing or defending yourself!

Answering back to your bully

Another way of handling a bully is you should always answer back and speak up with emotional bullies, they should acknowledge the fact that their witty little nature is clearly noticed by you and you have enough courage to stand up to them and pull them down! Emotional bullies are mostly jealous of you; they can’t beat you in any way so they opt for spreading rumors, insulting you in front groups etc. So in my opinion, once you confront them in front of the same group or in front of everyone their bridge of confidence will break down eventually and they’ll stop doing it.

Never belittle yourself in front of your bully

Insulting yourself in front of them and laughing off as if you don’t care will never help you. That may seem as the easiest way to get them off your backs but believe me it’s not.

Never give them what they expect

Now the question is what do they expect? To make you feel insecure about yourself, to make you feel that they are better, to make you feel stressed about everything. They try to get into your head and eat up your precious time. Never ever let that happen. Even if you get hurt by their words, speak out or ignore according to the situation but never show them that they are capable of hurting you. Once you take this step you already started defeating them.

Be smart

know about things which are happening around you, keep up with latest news and updates. Always be forward and learn a lot. This brings your bullies down intellectually.

Be confident

Always be confident, this may be old but it is gold! Once in a day stand in front mirror and just smile. Remember how hard you work and what good morals you have. Take some time to appreciate yourself. Doing this takes your confidence levels to peaks.

Never bully back

Some people to come out of ‘being bullied circle’ or to join in the group of bullies they try to bully other people. This will only put you low; As a matter of fact it shows that you accepted bullying other person is the higher level. Never do that no matter how tempting that looks.

Stand up to your friends

If you find your friends or anyone else going through this stand up for them and speak for them. This makes you a hero and gives your friend more courage on the same hand. The empire of bullies will get scared to speak to you eventually.

Always remember to be kind and be yourself.

Feel free to comment below your opinions or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate. I am here to answer your questions and help you. If you like this article and want to know how to handle cyber bullying let me know!

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