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Understand your Prakrithi- Ayurvedic body constitution.

Ayurveda is an ancient science of medicine, Our science of medicine. To explain in a very simple way,It has a different way of assessing the nature of body. This nature or type is called prakrithi.It is the combination of 3 doshas called
– vata
– pitta
– kapha
We can discuss about these doshas and their qualities all day, but for our basic understanding doshas are the elements that access in bodily functions. Each dosha will take care of certain set of functions and they also have characteristics, the more a person possess those characteristics that dosha is predominant in his/her prakrithi and should take care of his/her body accordingly, I am going to give a simple table with few characteristics to know which dosha is prominent in your body, take a paper and pen and write down if you find similar characteristics in you write v- for vata, p- pitta and k- kapha. If you get more Vs at the end then you are vata dominant person, p – pitta dominant and k- kapha dominant. if you don’t have paper and pen just count your letter and remember !

No person will be having only one single dosha ! Every human body is composed of all three doshas. However, one dosha or mostly two doshas exhibit the dominant characteristics. Accordingly we have to take care of our body by accessing our dominant dosha. There few people who exhibit the dominant qualities of all the three doshas. The person with Tridosha balance will be very healthy and falls ill rarely. Mostly there will be dominance of two doshas.

Go head and find out which Dosha is dominant in you ! It is lot of fun and you can easily follow your routine accordingly after that.

-Medium frame
-Medium strength
-Well built
-Could to touch
-Not dry and not oily
-Warm to touch
-Sensitive to sun
-Cold to touch
-Not sensitive
Hair-Thin hair strand
-prone to split ends
-breaks easily
-breaks easily
-Fine hair strand
-prone to early gray hair
-prone to baldness
-Thick hair strand
Sweat-Doesn't sweat much-Profuse sweating-Moderate
Appetite-Differs often-Intense hunger-Moderate
Bowel movements-Erratic-Regular-Regular
Bowel consistency -Constipated-Loose stool-Firm solid
Climatic preference-Prefers warmth-Prefers cold climate-Prefers warm to moderate climate
-Gets tired very fast
-Often gets tired
-Can tolerate work load
Common Diseases-Dry skin
-Joint pains
-Acid Reflex
-Hyper tension
-Sinus problems
-Often stumbles over speech
-Speaks normally
-Speaks with purpose
-Speaks very less
-Thinks well speaking
Thinking -Thinks verbally
Memory -Remember for very short time
-Forgets quickly
-Remembers for a long time
-Forgets very slowly
-Remembers for a while
Learning-Learns quick
-Very sharp in understanding
-Learns fast
-Moderate in understanding
-Learns very slowly
-Takes long time to understand
-Gets scared easily
-Short tempered
-Forgives easily
-Doesn't forgive easily
-Prone to insomnia
-Deep sleeps rarely
-Sleeps easily
-Wakes up easily
-Sleeps easily
-Difficulty to wake up
-Prone to over sleep
Dreams-Moving Sky
-Climbing trees
-Wandering about land
-Riding camels or other animals
-Dried and crooked rivers and trees
-Red colored sky
-Calm lakes
-Blooming flowers
-Silver mountains

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