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Skin care for your skin type (Ayurvedic)

Skin care is the most important part of beauty regimen. We covered types of skin in the previous post ( If you haven’t read it or if you have no idea about your skin type read this –  skintypes ). Now let us learn how to take care of it.

Skin care is never limited to external applications alone.

It is the combination of what you eat and how you spend your day along with what you apply.

Let us combine our skin type along with ayurvedic type. (Do read the post ‘Understand your prakrithi’ to know your body type)

Normal skin – you have all doshas balanced / you have pitta dominance in your body

Dry skin – Vata dominance

Oily skin – Kapha dominance

Combination skin – Vata and kapha dominance.


There are certain things to be followed by every person regardless of your skin type

     Eat healthy

A well balanced diet is very important for a great skin. I will write few more posts about well balanced diet very soon. For now let us see what vitamins are really needed and which foods provide those.

Vitamin A – It is an underrated vitamin regarding skin. It helps a great deal in skin cell maintenance and repair.

Foods – Carrots, Dark leafy vegetables, Greens, Sweet potatoes.

Vitamin B7 – Also called as biotin is a hero vitamin in helping hair and skin. It hydrates skin makes it soft and supple.

Foods – Oats, Rice (not polished), eggs and bananas.

Vitamin C – This helps in collagen production and keeps skin young and radiant. Reduces wrinkles, It also helps in sun damage and avoiding sun tan to an extent.

Foods – Citrus fruits, Leafy greens, Bell peppers, Cauliflower.

Vitamin E – Smooths Skin keeps it soft and supple.

Foods – Nuts, olives and spinach

Pro tip – Instead of searching and calculating vitamins every day, load up on seasonal fruits 🙂


Get enough hydration

Drinking enough amount of water is necessary to maintain skin hydration as well. Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, flushes down your toxins and makes you glow for rest of the day. You should at least drink two litres of water a day depending on your physical activity you should increase.


Have a good night’s sleep

You must be thinking that I am listing all the things which don’t look fancy. What is fancier than beauty sleep? You got to have 6- 8 hours of sleep depending on your skin type.

(If you are wondering, we are still speaking about common skin care. I’ll simplify your special regimen at the end so you can just read that and skip the rest)


Do not skip Sunscreen

           Do not step out of the house without sunscreen at any cost.   Everyone tells this and you read it everywhere but it is very important not to damage your skin. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ repairing your skin after sun damage is much harder than avoiding damage. Try covering your skin from direct sun exposure as far as possible with a cloth, umbrella or your ‘dupatta’. Even then don’t skip sunscreen.



        Last but not least Cleanse – Tone – moisturize. After waking up and before sleeping, cleanse your face twice a day with soap free cleanser. After patting your face dry use toner with a cotton pad then apply moisturiser which suits your skin type. Use sunscreen after this during day time and Night cream during nights.


For your skin type

Lucky girls with normal skin can just follow things which are mentioned above and you are free to choose wide range of cosmetics and skin care products.

Skin care for Vata skin –  (Dry skin)

  1. Along with all your vitamins, Take substances with fatty acids like milk, butter etc. (Not in heavy amounts) this controls your dryness from within and gives you soft skin.
  2. You need more sleep. The more you sleep the more nourished your skin looks. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  3. Use cream based night creams to repair your skin during nights
  4. Opt for oil based sunscreen
  5. Give your skin a little oil massage whenever possible to keep it young
  6. Never use skin drying face packs.
  7. Use humidifiers during winters.


Skin care for Kapha skin – ( Oily skin )

  1. Avoid substances like full fat milk, curds and foods that are high in sugar content.
  2. Sleep less, over sleeping or sleeping more than required increases kapha in your body and in turn takes down your glow. 6 hours of sleep should be enough for this type of skin.
  3. Use water based moisturizers. Use oil control soap free cleansers for washing your face.
  4. Regular use of face masks will keep the dirt and grease on the skin at bay.
  5. Aloevera gel makes a great moisturizer for people with oily skin.
  6. Use sunscreens with water base.
  7. You can cleanse 3 times a day depending on the oil production. Washing with plain water is always a good idea while cleansing more than two times.


Skin care for Vata- Kapha skin –  Combination skin

  1. It is tricky to maintain this kind of skin; it is advisable to reduce sugars and including very little amounts of fatty acids in your diet.
  2. Sleeping 6 or 8 hours is in your hands. You can change it as you like.
  3. You should again use water based moisturizers, but always double the same moisturizer on your dry areas.
  4. Sunscreen with gel base is advisable.
  5. Never use skin drying face packs again.
  6. You can use little oil on your dry areas and blot it immediately
  7. This skin type is more prone to sensitivity, so choose your products accordingly.


I will update about homemade toners and detailed CTM routine according to skin types along with the recommended products according to budgets pretty soon.  Feel free to ask me any questions 🙂

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