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Know your regular skin type and Ayurvedic skin type.

Knowing your skin type is the first and foremost thing to know before starting your skin care regimen. This is a small topic I would like to write about before further entering into the skin care guide.

In future we are going to discuss a lot about topics like keeping your skin healthy, keeping it youthful, radiant etc. But, before going into those interesting topics we should have the basic idea about our skin.

Few of you will be well versed with this knowledge already; few might not have come across the concept of skin types. If you know this you can  happily skip, if you don’t then read it 🙂

There are four types.


  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination


You can take the simple tissue blotting test to confirm. Are you reading it on the go? No problem, you can just remember the way your skin acts on no makeup and no skin care days and determine.

  • Wash your face with plain water or a soap free face wash after waking up. ( why soap free? Because soap rips out moisture out of skin and makes it dry and itchy )


  • Wait for 30 minutes to one hour without doing anything to your face. (waiting longer than that will make skin produce oil to over compensate the moisture and it will hinder our test)


  • Take a tissue and blot your face. (gently press it against your skin)


  • If you don’t find any oil and yet your skin feels soft – Normal skin ( You are super lucky)


  • Similarly, if you don’t find oil and your skin feels itchy or looks flaky – Dry skin


  • In the same way, if you find grease all over the tissue – Oily


  • If the tissue has  grease only on your T-zone ( that is your nose and forehead area ) and itchy or flaky on you cheeks – combination skin ( you need special attention and I personally belong to this group )

Any skin type can be sensitive or acne prone.
Skin care according to skin types
Now that we know this, all skin types need special and separate care for glowing skin.

Finally, as we know our regular skin type now is the time to know your Ayurvedic skin type.

Oily skin – Kapha dominance

Dry skin – Vata dominance

Combination – Vata kapha  dominance

Normal – balanced dosha or pitta dominance.

Wondering what is dosha and which dosha is dominent in your body ? Read Know your prakrithi or ayurvedic body type

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