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Secrets of Shiro-abhyanga (head massage)

Head massage or Shiro abyanga is a therapeutic procedure.Many ayurvedic doctors keep this procedure a secret. Why?

Because this is a technical way of massaging oil and only trained therapists in panchakarma centers can do this perfectly.

So, why am I telling it out?

Because not everyone can afford their time or money to go to therapy centers for oil massage regularly and even a normal person can roughly follow the techniques and get many benefits out of it.

This is called shiroabhyanga –  Shiro = Head + Abhyanga= massage.

All Indian moms make sure that they oil their child’s hair. Once we start growing our wings we stop listening to our moms. Few good girls still oil their hair regularly and many women do follow oiling custom religiously. Oiling is very good for our hair and scalp in many ways. Here are few

  • Reduces dandruff
  • Controls hair fall
  • Nourishes hair follicle
  • Helps in hair growth
  • Reduces head aches
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps in good sleep
  • Increases memory
  • Improves concentration
  • Prevents split ends
  • Minimises hair breakage
  • Reduces thinning of hair strand
  • Repairs heat and styling damages

How to oil our hair?

There is no wrong way of oiling hair, but if you oil according to guidelines of our ayurveda, you can get the best out of oiling.

What oils to select?

Select oil according to your prakriti. (If you don’t know your prakriti read this ‘my prakriti’ )

Vata – Castor oil, sesame oil (extra nourishment and warmth)

Pitta–  Coconut oil, sandal wood oil (for cooling properties)

Kapha – Mustard oil ( oils are avoided for this prakriti but can be used for scalp health in lighter amounts )

Preparing your hair

Avoid applying oil and doing head massage on tangled hair as this causes hair fall due to friction. Always undo your hairstyles and detangle your hair with a wide toothed wooden comb. Once your hair is tangle free, make a center partition and make it into two equal sections.

Prepping your oil 

(Pitta prakriti people can skip this step)

First and fore most thing pour oil which is suited to your prakriti into a small steel/copper bowl. Heat water in separate pan or take hot water and keep the bowl with oil in hot water. This heats oil indirectly. Heat it till it is lukewarm. Keep a cotton ball ready.(No, you can not directly heat oil on stove or microwave it. It causes oil to heat up more than required temperature and causes micro damages in your scalp during your head massage.

Shiroabhyanga or Ayurvedic head massage (The secret procedure)

  1. Take your fingers and keep it on hairline and towards your hair perpendicular to your nose.
  2. That is the prime point where you should apply oil first. Take your cotton ball dip it in oil, squeeze the excess oil out and gently rub oil in this place.
  3. Then apply oil on your middle partition by gentle rubbing motion
  4. Make a semi circular line from tip of one ear to other ear away from crown of your head roughly and apply oil there gently.
  5. Make another semi circle towards the crown of your head from the edge of one ear lobe to other.
  6. These are sutures of your skull in a rough way, applying oil and massaging there will reduce your stress, anxiety and gives nourishment.
  7. Now start making multiple sections away from your center partition on either sides and give a gentle massage with oil.
  8. Once there is enough oil on your scalp then massage your head with your finger tips in circular motions
  9. For extra stress relief run your fingers through your eyebrows with two hands and give a gentle press on your temple region.
  10. Repeat this for minimum 15 minutes and maximum 40 minutes.
  11. Once the massage is done, apply oil to your hair giving special attention to the tips.
  12. Wait for 40 min to 1 hour minimum and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo using Luke warm to cold water.


Here is a simple video 🙂

If you have any questions or doubts regarding health & wellness please feel free to ask 🙂 Much love <3

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