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Best breakfasts for weight loss (Indian cuisine included)

Before I write weightloss breakfasts, I am going list out foods which assist in loosing weight and keeping you healthy.

For perfect weight loss we need perfect diet. Skipping meals or reducing the amount of food for reducing the weight or burning fat is a myth, In turn it affects in the opposite way by hindering your metabolism. So, how to cut numbers on your weighing scale without dieting? First step as you guys all pretty much would have figured it out by now, eating a healthy breakfast.

In fact eating a healthy breakfast fills you up after your whole fast of the night and kick starts your day with energy filled body. Therefore having a quality diet in the morning it reduces the body cravings of eating more food during the day.

As a matter of fact Research shows 96% of slender people never skipped eating a healthy breakfast. (Conducted by Cornel University)

After waking up hydrating yourself with glass of water is important, as we wake up dehydrated.

The magic calorie number – 400 calories

These are the food items which can be incorporated in your diet.


Healthy foods that can be included in weightloss breakfasts

Eggs –

Eggs are very high in vitamins and minerals as a result they keep you active & filled for the whole day while covering your nutrient requirements.

Oats –

High in fiber content, low in calories while helping you take a large portion without any guilt. People who include oats in their diet has lower glycemic index.

Brown bread –

A sugar free brown bread is rich in protein and fiber. Low in fat.

Brown rice –

Brown rice contains tons of vitamin B in them along with adequate amount of fiber. we discussed in our previous post Vit B does wonders on our skin. Read this know what to eat for healthy skin.

Almonds & Peanuts –

Nuts are essentials for your everyday nutrients and including that in your breakfast just makes your body and day better. As they are packed with all goodies.

Apples –

The famous proverb didn’t come from nowhere 🙂 These pretty looking fruits are high in fiber and water content and keeps belly fat at bay.

Bananas –

Who doesn’t love a frozen banana ice-cream or a fresh banana smoothie and the fact that we can eat ice cream and stay healthy steals all the points right here. To add on our happiness it keeps us filled for longer periods and reduces our sugar cravings.

Grape fruit –

Including this bright fruit can reduce in storage of insulin, hence less storage of fat.

Water melon –

This tasty summer fruit not only makes your skin glow by hydrating  it but also aids in lowering fat accumulation.

Berries –

What can I even say about berries? They are yummy and super duper rich in anti oxidant which keep you young and reduce aging of skin.

Avocado –

Have an avocado on your toast or in your smoothie every day and forget about weight gain.  It has 20 essential vitamins and minerals, high in fiber and has oleic fatty acid which reduces abdominal fat.

Sweet potatoes –

This underrated potato is a goddess. Yes! Goddess. How you ask? It is super rich in vitamins and minerals and high in fiber content. Smaller portion fills us up pretty fast and keeps appetite under control for rest of the day.

Broccoli –

On the other hand for vegetarians and vegans, broccoli does a very good job in covering their protein needs.


Shout out for ‘Popeye the sailor man’. In other words these magic leaves are very low in calories and high in fiber and omega 3 fatty acids which are pretty helpful in weight loss.


Here comes the list of Weight loss breakfasts  to include these goodies


 Western cuisine-

  1. Brown bread toast + avocado
  2. Bread toast with tomato+lettuce+cucumber+egg
  3. Toast with peanut/almond butter
  4. Oats+Banana smoothie
  5. Eggs + spinach + broccoli scrambled/ omelette
  6. Fresh fruit bowl + yogurt / curd
  7. Smoothies
  8. Oat meal + fresh cut fruits

These are few weightloss breakfasts, you can always mix and match or add and remove according to your favorites.

Indian cuisine-

  1. Pongal – Use brown rice instead of white.
  2. Upma – with broken wheat / oats along with vegetables like carrot and beans.
  3. Dosa- Add multigrains or brown rice instead of white rice
  4. Pesarattu- Nothing to change, it is type of dosa made with green gram
  5. Ragi or maize rotti – nothing to change.
  6. Stuffed roti – Stuff sweet potato for aloo parantha and broccoli for gobi parantha
  7. Poha– add lot of vegetables
  8. Idli – oats idli is better than a normal one.
  9. Ragi porridge – an age old recipe for good health

Actually make sure you use ghee instead of oil. Ghee is packed with essential amino acids and helps mobolising fat cells aiding in weight loss.
As a matter of fact Red rice is again a wonderful substitute for white rice !

Add these weightloss breakfasts according to your taste in your diet and you can gradually see your weight reducing without any other major alterations.

Do check your weight before starting your diet and keep checking every fortnight to keep your spirits raw and know the results.

To read about full day diet plan about weight loss -> Read this

If you find it’ll be helpful to have recipes for above mentioned breakfasts, please let me know in the comments below. Feel free to ask any type of questions regarding your health and wellness 🙂 Have a great day!

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