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The ultimate guide to have success and life under control !

How to get success in life ?

Many of us feel that our life is out of control sometimes, especially working moms or students who do part time jobs or a full time home maker trying to pursue her hobby. Whatever the situation may be the quick points mentioned below will help you a lot to have your life under control and have some time for relaxing.


  1. Get a plan

How simple is that? The first and foremost thing to do is, sitting down writing your schedule in one book. Include everything in that book. Later take keen look at it and then make a timetable for each day. Like wake up at 6.30, yoga -7.00 etc. This may sound simple but once you map out your day, you pretty much can fit all the things in your agenda.


  1. Keep everything organized

               Before you start this huge lifestyle change, look around. Is your wardrobe clean and well arranged? Is furniture in house arranged? Are your office supplies or stationery organized? Everything matters. As you arrange and organize things around you. You feel like a huge weight is reduced instantly. From then on it’s just down the hill and in fact success in life is mandatory.


  1. Improve self confidence

Feeling at home under your own skin is a must for each and every one of us. Just stand in front of mirror every day morning and smile at yourself. Repeat these words ‘I am a strong, beautiful and independent woman/girl with a lot of passion. I am going to have a great day today’   if you are giggling by reading this have a laugh but, do it. Actually you can do it when no one is around. This dramatically lifts your spirits up.



  1. Keep your distractions at bay

                  You have scheduled time-table, you should  follow that strictly. When you are working, switch off your phone. No distractions are allowed.


  1. Be kind

Why being kind matters in getting your life better? When you forgive people and forget their mistakes, it gives you mental peace and makes you a bigger person. Another advantage when you are kind eventually others will be nicer to you too.

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  1. Feel good about yourself

Whatever happens remember that you are what you are and you have been through a lot to be in this stage today. Be proud of yourself. If you start respecting and appreciating yourself then ultimately whole world will respect you. Dress up accordingly The right way to dress up to be successful !


  1. Keep a journal

Every night write things which you have done and note things to be done for the next day. This helps in viewing your daily progress and keeping track of your works.


  1. Read inspiring quotes

Everyone feels low once in a while; when that happens, read some inspiring quotes. It will help you to bring your energy back.


  1. Sleep well

A well rested person can perceive and understand everything better. Get a good night’s sleep to have a tension free day


  1. Do important works as the day starts

If you feel something is really important, keep it scheduled in the prime work hours. You will be super fresh and you can be more productive.


  1. Healthy diet

This is a pretty common point, never skip breakfast and have a meal which is rich in anti oxidants, like include berries in your diet.


  1. Camomile tea

This tea helps in calming your nerves, sip it away during your tension times.

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  1. Take breaks

Take multiple short breaks to free your mind and it even helps body metabolism in check, as you can take a short walks while you have your tiny break.


  1. Keep short term goals

As I already mentioned about a daily planner and daily journal, writing your short term goals every week and checking them is a really good way to keep things figured out.


  1. Reward yourself

Whenever you are productive and impressed by yourself, have a treat. Gift yourself your favorite chocolate or body butter or whatever you like. Hard work should never go unappreciated.


  1. Do what makes you happy

Even if you follow all these points and yet you are doing things which you are not passionate about, it is not going to work out. Break up with the things which you don’t love and take a plunge towards your passion. Do not care about what people speak.


  1.  Have ME time

Last but not least, either you live in a joint family or you are mother of many children. Always keep your ‘me time’ as a priority; it is not a wrong thing. Allot an hour or two for your personal time. Indulge in some bubble bath or get a mani-pedi. You can even slip into your Pjs and watch whatever show you like. Main goal of ‘Me time’ is to pamper your inner child.

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This won’t be easy but once you get the hang of it, Life will be a paradise. Other than these, take vacations, be spontaneous and do adventures.


You are a fierce woman and go get them <3


As usual any questions regarding health &wellness, please don’t hesitate to ask. Stay blessed 🙂 Much love <3

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