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What to eat to be successful – The yogic diet

What you eat plays a major part in how your life is. People who impart yogic diet which gives calmness to mind, rejuvenates body and increases concentration are most likely to be successful in their professional as well as their personal lives.

What is that diet which provides all these qualities in you?

Before knowing that, Let us understand 3 qualities also called as trigunas mixed in each person in different proportions. I am going to list them out below

Sathvitka guna– This quality provides mental peace, kindness, happiness, improved concentration and confidence. Improving Sathvika guna through meditation.

Rajasika guna – It is a fierce quality which provides muscle strength, anger, self-defense, passion, ego and dynamic nature.

Tamasik guna – Laziness, sleepiness, lethargy, gloomy mood and ignorance.

Above mentioned 3 gunas are present in every person.

Diet plays a very important part in increasing the guna which we like.

By this time we can understand that the diet high in sathvika guna is needed in our lives to be more successful and happy and considered as the true yogic diet. In the same way Rajasika guna for strength and power.

First and foremost we should learn about the foods which increase each guna.

Rajasik foods-

  • Bitter
  • Sour
  • Salty
  • Steaming hot
  • Burning/spicy
  • Meat
  • Wine


These Rajasik foods will energize but not in the sense of lending clear balanced energy. They tend to push us to increase our speed and indulge in more physical activity, sensual pleasures and comforts.


It is called Rajasik food because it is fit for royalty; it is rich in taste palette and leads a person to deal with the area of domination and warfare. Meat & wine falls under Rajasik foods hence cannot be consumed by scholars in our ancient India because it causes imbalance of the gunas which they need.


As a matter of fact in present day rajasik food in a mild and balanced way is good for your mind to deal with everyday problems in our current society.


Tamasik  foods –

  • Stale
  • Tasteless
  • Stinking
  • Cooked the previous night
  • Impure
  • Not cooked properly
  • Poor quality alcohol

These foods may nourish the body in a gross level but cannot give sufficient nutrients instead they create heaviness and lethargy. It causes drowsiness and reduces interest in daily activity hence making you fall behind others.

Avoiding Tamasik diet at all costs is necessary to improve health and be successful in life.


Sathvik foods –

  • Savory
  • With proper oil content/oleaginous
  • Substantial
  • Fresh
  • Nutritious
  • Mildly flavored
  • Well cooked


Above mentioned foods are said to nourish the consciousness. They balance the mental energy state. They don’t make body heavy or weigh it down at the same time they keep a person active and make him concentrate well and increase alertness.


Sathvik food give strength within and make a person feel energy from mind.

Rajasik food makes person aggressive and makes him feel the energy through the body and the food he ate.


      The perfect balance of sathvik and rajasik diet is Yogic diet which makes you feel nourished inside out and hence turns you into a more confidant person with a calm nature and leader ship qualities.

Once the inner energy is balanced the daily chores, personal and professional issues, dealing with people will become much easier and gives you a peace of mind.


As I add after every article, please feel free to ask me any questions regarding your health, diet, skin and hair care in the comments below. Stay blessed 🙂 much love <3

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