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8 Ayurvedic skincare steps for beautiful face and body

Before explaining ayurvedic skincare let us see what is beautiful face?
When your face shines bright with a soft, glowing skin and crystal clear eyes, how can it not be beautiful.

What is beautiful body?

A well nourished and well toned, strong body is called a beautiful body.

How to achieve these two? Just by spending few extra minutes every day by following these steps in the same order.

These points are collected from our ancient treasure Ashtanga hridayam and Charaka samhitha. I compiled and arranged these steps in a way that can be followed by every one of us in this modern world.

Step-1 -> Wake up on time

Yes, every one of us wakes up. Actually my intention of writing this as a step is to specify that waking up after over sleeping or under sleeping is never healthy. So wake up during early hours after getting a great beauty sleep.


Step-2 -> Drink water

I have already mentioned in my many articles why we should drink a glass of water after waking up. It helps in flushing away our toxins and re-hydrates our bodies after prolonged hours of dehydration.


Step-3 -> Gandusha  (keeping a liquid substance in mouth for few minutes without moving it/gargling it)

This is done preferably after brushing your teeth; if you find the taste or odor not pleasant can do this before you brush.

Benefits of this procedure are

  • It tones your facial muscles
  • Beautifies your teeth
  • Nourishes face
  • Cures dry chapped lips and makes them baby soft
  • Reduces teeth sensitivity

What kind of liquid substance?

You can use multiple substances of your choice according to your prakrithi ( know my prakrithi)

Vata –   Liquids that taste salty, sweet or sour. You can use – salt water, milk, rice soup.

Pitta –    Liquids that taste sweet and bitter. You can use – honey water, milk or cold green tea.

Kapha –   Liquids that are hot and dry. You can just use warm water.


Step-4 -> Anjana (application of collyrium / kajal )

Many of us apply some kajal before we hit the road that is different. Get some herbal kajal with camphor and castor oil like Himalaya kajal, If not make your grandma to do some age old homemade kajal. This helps draining out impurities.

Benefits –

  • Protects eyes
  • Improves eye sight
  • Makes your eyes shine like moon


Step-5 -> Vyayama (exercise)

Why should you practice yoga ?

Be it yogasanas or be it aerobics or whatever that you are into. Working out regularly and making that body sweat has tons of benefits. That is a no brainer for all of us. Make sure you work out enough everyday for following benefits.

Easy everyday Yoga for beginners !

  • Enhanced strength
  • Toned body
  • Reduced fat
  • Increased lightness
  • Refreshed mind


Step-6 -> Abhyanga ( massage )

Application of luke warm oil in the direction of hair growth and massaging every day for few minutes gives you eternal youth. When massaging face always massage upwards. Oils can be used according to prakriti ( know correct oil for your prakriti along with learning how to do proper headmassage )


  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Delays aging
  • Increases glow
  • Nourishes skin
  • Gives healthy complexion
  • Increases luster

Don’t forget to include little foot massage for extra relaxation.


Step-7 -> Udvartana (scrubbing with dry powders)

Once your body is massaged with oil, Scrub it with dry powders like besan powder, rice flour, oat meal. You can even use store bought bath powders. Add a pinch of turmeric for that divine glow.

Benefits –

  • Reduces body fat
  • Removes dead skin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Gives good complexion
  • Reduces excess oil production

For dry skin beauties it is advisable to add little oil in it for extra moisture. (

If you add oil it is called utsadana )


Step-8 -> Snana ( bathing )

Here comes the final relaxing step, wash your body with warm water and pat your skin dry with a clean smooth cotton towel.

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Pitta prakriti people can use cold water.


These are the 8 simple steps, by doing little modification in your daily routine you can achieve a beautiful face and body. You will start noticing the difference in first couple of days itself 🙂 Try this and let me know how you feel 🙂
If you have any doubts regarding health & wellness please feel free to ask them in the comments below. Stay blessed 🙂  Much love <3

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  1. Hello Dr. I have oily and acne prone skin.In summers my face becomes more oily and even my body gets heat up fast due to summer heat.what should I do to make my face look beautiful.

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