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Head to toe bridal routine for the bride to be

Here is a unique bridal routine for every girl who dreams about being the best bride ever and wants to be perfect and radiant in bridal glow head to toe.

 The article which you are about to read is the combination of both ayurvedic and modern skin care in one place for your perfect bridal routine.

Just follow these points and shine like a diamond on your wedding day. Why am I so confident that they will work? These are tried and tested methods. This just can’t go wrong at any cost.

Before going into our bridal routine, If you want to get rid of sun tan at home, do watch this simple video.

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Without wasting any time let’s get to our exciting topic – Bridal skin care routine

1.Manage stress –

Everyone has pre wedding jitters, you definitely will be stressed about a lot of things, selecting your bridal saree/ bridal lehenga, selecting makeup artist. There will be so many things which feel like they might go out of hand.  Just relax, sit and breathe! Everything will go according to your plan.

Cultivate the habit of meditation! If you can’t follow meditation just follow this simple pranayama techniques or breathing exercises – Everyday pranayama for stress free life

2.Plan your diet –

Diet plays a very important role. Plan your diet accordingly, never opt for crash diets, keep your calorie intake at least 1200 calories per day. For beautiful skin, I have mentioned specific foods and skin care Foods that make your skin glow.  This is a whole day nutrition that you’ll need and here are few examples of planning a diet for the day Everyday diet plan for weight loss !

3.Opt regular workouts –

Work out makes you sweat, tone your body and clear your skin by opening up your pores. So plan your work out carefully. Include working out every day or at least 5 days a week. Do what every you like; There is no rule that only particular kind of exercise will help you. If you like dancing, dance. You can opt doing many things like, going to gym, zumba, aerobics, yoga etc. Easy everyday Yoga for beginners !

4.Follow ayurvedic daily regimen

Following this daily routine will help you achieve your desired weight along with a divine glow in your skin. Click here -> ‘Ayurvedic steps for beautiful face and body

 5.Impart turmeric in daily routine.

Nothing makes an Indian bride prettier than turmeric. Use turmeric in your body scrub every day. It reduces body hair growth, clears of dead skills and gives good complexion. You can even add little turmeric in your massage oil or a face pack.

6.Do oil massage everyday

You don’t have to go to spa and get a detailed body massage, as I explained in the article linked above. Doing a short oil massage every day for 40 days will make you shine like a diamond with clear and healthy skin.Secrets of Shiro-abhyanga (head massage)

7.Plan your facials.

Don’t overdo in the last minute. Follow this order of facials to get the bridal glow on your big day.

  • Clean up
  •  wait 15 days and get  – facial concerning your skin problem like acne etc
  •  after 4 weeks  – Get a real fruit facial
  •  again after 4 weeks – get a gold facial


Get your last facial scheduled at least 3 days before the big day. Avoid makeup for day after each facial. Generally young girls can maintain gap between 6-8 weeks in between but just for a bride, it’s 4 weeks once.

8.Get regular manicures and pedicures –

There is nothing more disappointing to see a pretty bride with bad cuticles. Always keep your manicure and pedicure schedules updated.  If you have no time here is a link for Easy at home manicure (Ayurvedic) and Easy tan removal DIY pedicure ! (Ayurvedic)

9.Schedule your waxing –

Many people opt for waxing as hair removal procedure. If you are one of them, schedule your appointments and get it done at least 4 days prior to your big day. After wax, skin turns reddish and will be very sensitive. It needs rest; don’t forget to moisturize your body after a wax.

10.Don’t ignore your hair

Get a hair spa done before hand. Get hot oil treatments. Other than parlor treatment here is a guide to take care of hair at home – The ultimate hair care guide!

6 DIY hair masks for different hair problems!

Secrets of Shiro-abhyanga (head massage)

11.Do a makeup test run

Your makeup artist might be a world-famous lady, never skip your makeup test run. Start trying make-up looks at least a month before hand. Don’t compromise until you are satisfied. Reason – your makeup may turn different or bad than what you expected on your big day, you might get allergic to any of the products. Or you simple might not like the style you selected on other bride/catalogue on you.

12.Avoid alcohol

Say no to alcohol until your big day, Alcohol dehydrates your body and steals the luster out of your skin. If you cannot avoid all together at least reduce the intake as much as you can. Getting a tiny glass of red wine doesn’t hurt much though, but a strict no for all the hard liquor and sparkling liquor.


These steps will purify and detox you inside out.  Other than these things never skip sunscreen, don’t try out new products near your wedding date and don’t drink carbonated beverages or eat super greasy foods.


If you have any questions about health, beauty and wellness please feel free to ask. Stay happy and stay blessed. Much love <3

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