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How to improve concentration?

At one point of life there comes a situation where we all pray for better concentration. Let it be to concentrate on your studies or concentrate on your work. When your concentration levels are improved you can grasp much faster and be productive, hence you will be successful and content.

Here are 11 tips and tricks to improve that mind power and be successful.

1.Pick Simple doable tasks 

First and foremost step is to select something which you complete easily and finish the task without distraction, including this kind of tasks will improve your confidence level and makes you confidant that you can concentrate better. Even if it is a very simple one, consider doing it.

2.Do them first

As you start your day the above mentioned simple tasks must be finished first. This will boost your energy and helps you improve from then on. Eventually you will level up for tougher tasks.

3.Stop multitasking

Multitasking might look attractive and make you seem productive but in fact it is our enemy. When you multi task you distribute your concentration equally on all the works you are doing and hence fail to do them perfectly. Instead of multi tasking just do things one by one. This helps you to take things one at a time and will make you feel better.

4.Keep distractions away

Switch off your phone, put it in a plastic bag and drop it in river. Okay, not that dramatic though! Keep your phone away or switch it off for a while when you are working, There is absolutely no need to explain why phone is a distraction while studying or doing any other work. We have all been there! Just keep your phone, I pod and your kitten away when you are doing important work.

5.Plan your day

You should plan your day the night before. Take a note pad and write stuff, what and all you have to finish for the next day and keep it simple. Do not overload or cramp up your schedule that you can’t make it, take baby steps. First simple things and later you can go on tough.

6.Take breaks

Taking breaks when you get tired or distracted is way more important than it seems. Do take regular breaks, walk around for a while or sip some tea. Play with your pup and come back again to work. It makes brain to take short-term rest and later you can work with good concentration again.

7.Meditate every morning

Meditation benefits are unlimited; it is a stress buster, relieves tension and helps in improving concentration and memory. It also helps in betterment of health. In fact here are some simple pranayamas or breathing exercises that you can follow. How to do meditation !   and   Everyday pranayama for stress free life   

8.Increase time frame gradually

For example, if you can read a book for 30 minutes continuously without getting distracted, Do only 30 minutes for first two days; Start adding 5 more minutes from the third day. Go at your own pace; remember not to compare with other person’s speed. Everyone has their own level and you are your ONLY competition.

9.Right time and atmosphere

If you are an early bird or night owl it doesn’t matter, both groups have different productive time. Keep your important works in your productive time and you can give your 100% in that time. When you waste time during your productive hours you may not concentrate that way during rest of the day. Do that particular work in the right atmosphere; do not choose a place that is cluttered. Choose a place which is clean and smells good.

10.prioritize your tasks

Always do your important works in prime time and as early as you can do them, keep less important works for later. By any reason if you cannot finish, then at least you would have already completed your important stuff and stay out of trouble.

11.Stay organized

Stay organized at work/school/college

Stay organized at home/hostel

Where ever you are keep everything organized, this makes your place looks clean and easy to use. Eventually you will end up with lot of free time in hands. Just do it and see how good it feels rather than me explaining it. Just take a weekend and throw away things you don’t need and arrange everything else in order. This gives a great kick start for your week.The ultimate guide to have success in life under control !


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Always remember to eat healthy and stay hydrated! Good luck in gaining your concentration back 🙂

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