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7 dieting myths ! Now you can eat tastier.

On a day to day basis, we read many rules about dieting and weight loss. Many of us have doubts about how many of them are true? Here are few dieting myths that people think will help them reduce weight and reasons why they are myths.

1. Crash diet plan for weight loss

This is a trend among brides (If you are a bride to be read Head to toe bridal routine for the bride to be )and other girls who wants to reduce weight drastically. It is a way to diet by cutting out intake of food drastically. It majorly involves of a 7 day process where in day one you fast completely by just drinking juices and so on!

Why is this bad?

In fact  our body needs essentials nutrients to function normally; you don’t provide them it goes into starvation mode. In starvation body thinks that it is getting less food so it should control metabolism and burn very little calories and remaining it stores as fat. fat is further burned to use as energy. In turn when you notice weight reduction in crash diet it is mostly because you are losing water weight and it eventually comes back again

2.Eating after 8 pm makes you fat

I personally believed in this myth until recently. Eating after 8 pm makes no change. It actually gives same calories as eating before 8 p.m. Only thing to remember is just wait at least an hour or two after dinner and before sleeping.

3.Consuming smaller portions will help you lose weight

Some people think it increases metabolism rate. In fact it doesn’t, in turn it hampers digestive system d. According to ayurveda you should take two well composed large portions of meals per day and give remaining time for that meal to digest and process. However eating just twice a day is not so easy so we can restrict to thrice a day.

Why eating multiple small portions will hamper your digestion?

It take actually few hours for our food to be digested and absorbed into the body, Imagine continuously adding smaller portions of fresh food into partially digested food. It makes our body to struggle digesting that. Not cool right?

4.Reducing calories drastically

We think everything is based on calories and reducing calories is reducing weight. Unfortunately it is false. Our body needs minimum 1200 calories to be healthy and function. However how these calories are ingested definitely matters. Like you eat two large ice creams and finish your 1200 calories and fast for the day, it destroys your body. Your intake of calories should be composed of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. You can check examples of complete planned meals here Everyday diet plan for weight loss !

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5.Cutting down on fats and oils

It’s a common misconception that eating any amount of fat makes you fat. It’s false. You need fats as a barrier to transport your fat soluble vitamins like A,D,E,K. As you guys have already read in my skin care article. These vitamins are essential for good skin too. If you haven’t read it yet, here is the link ‘Fat soluble vitamins and skin’. It doesn’t mean that you can load up on oil fried tasty junk. You need a little amount of fat in your every day diet. Like avocado, olive oil, ghee etc.

6.You can out pass bad diet by exercising

We eat a big pie and think we can exercise that off, No. You have to keep running a marathon to achieve that plan. That is practically impossible. It’s not easy to completely avoid goodies because they are not healthy. Just don’t load up on them thinking you can burn it off. Keep it limited.

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7.Skipping meals to lose weight

This is the most stupid thing to do, As I already mentioned in point 1, If you don’t give food for your body on time and starve it, It just makes you gain unhealthy weight in the longer run by messing up your metabolism. So, eat on time.


Eat healthy to stay healthy. Losing weight or being thin in an unhealthy way is not beautiful. Staying healthy with a beautiful glow is beautiful. Don’t let peer pressure make you think otherwise.


If you have any doubts regarding health, beauty and wellness, please don’t hesitate to ask. Stay happy and stay blessed. Much Love <3

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