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The ultimate hair care guide!

There are certain hair care rules which you have to follow no matter what! If you follow these steps regularly, your hair turns healthier than ever and grows dark and long 🙂

Be it summer heat or winter dryness, your hair has to survive rough weather along with horrible pollution around us. How much ever heat and styling damages our hair we completely can’t avoid it .So, we have to give a detox, repair its damages and nourish your hair. However with our tight schedules on taking over the world pretty much none of us has any time to take care of our hair.

I compiled these simple steps which take very minimum time and give maximum results!


Here is your hair care routine

Wash every 3rd/ 4th day –

Depending on your scalp nature, you should wash hair after your scalp gets greasy. Washing hair everyday rips of the natural oil in scalp and damages your hair shaft. Letting natural oils build up for a day or two is good for hair growth. Just comb it and give a mild massage with dry fingers to spread the sebum all over your hair.

It’ll be a bad hair day but it does a lot of good for your hair. You can wear a messy bun or a sleek high pony to cover your bad hair day.

Use sulfate free shampoo –

We Indians are known for using natural shampoo made with soap nut. These days many of us cannot follow the procedure on every hair wash day. So, to keep it as harmless as possible use SLS free shampoo.

Why is sulfate bad?  First and foremost it is a potent carcinogenic chemical and secondly, it irritates scalp skin and eventually damages hair.

Choose right shampoo and conditioner –

Your friend may recommend a shampoo which works for her but there is a very less chance that it works for you too. Every one of us is blessed with different hair type and we should take care of it accordingly.

  • Curly hair – Keratin rich shampoos
  • Wavy hair – keratin rich smoothing shampoos
  • Frizzy hair – Intense hydrating shampoos
  • Damaged hair – Repairing shampoos
  • Coloured hair – colour protecting hydrating shampoos
  • Thin straight hair – volumizing shampoo

 Never skip conditioner –

A common question among soft hair beauties is can I skip conditioner? The answer is NO. Whatever type of hair you have you should never skip conditioner. Why? When you use shampoo, it rips apart the moisture in hair in micro levels and damages it. Conditioner seals the shaft by providing nourishment. It avoids hair damage and protects your hair from bad weather and pollution.

 Proper way of drying –

Use a micro-fiber towel to dry your mane. You can even use a soft cotton t shirt instead. This again reduces hair breakage and keeps frizz at bay.

Oil regularly

We see the latest trend of conditioning before shampooing. In short, the theory for this to maintain some oil and moisture in hair before using shampoos. As oiling regularly before hair wash is already widely practiced in India, don’t leave the habit. If you don’t practice it, start doing it immediately.

Change your pillow case –

Change your regular pillow covers with silk pillow covers, if you feel it is costly then just wrap your hair in a silk scarf before sleeping. While we sleep there will be a lot of friction in between pillow covers and our hair. This friction damages your hair causing breakage and frizziness. To avoid that just change your pillow case.

 Massage every week –

Do ayurvedic head massage every week – Here is the detailed process  Secrets of Shiro-abhyanga (head massage)

 Use deep conditioning mask every month –

You can buy a deep conditioning mask or just make it at home . Using deep conditioning mask acts as super food for your hair externally. It reduces hair fall, breakage and heals the damage. However you can make all natural conditioning masks at home DIY hair masks for all hair problems

 Get regular trims –

For growing long hair or maintain healthy hair, trimming is important. It avoids split ends and keeps hair healthy and aid in growth of long hair. You can trim between 3 months once to 6 months once depending on your hair texture.

Eat healthy –

Last but not least, a healthy diet is the key to have good hair. Include almonds and other nuts in your diet. Have foods with abundant B- complex. Eat lot of fruits and get hydrated. Nourishment from inside is the foremost necessary. Healthy breakfasts

Stay stress free –

Stress causes hair fall. Even if  you follow proper hair care stress can uproot your hair. Be relaxed and stress free by following Everyday pranayama for stress free life  and have life under control by following  these easy steps The ultimate guide to have success in life under control !


You can follow these simple steps without spending lot of time on your hair and get that hair you have always dreamed about.


If you have any doubts regarding health, skin care, hair care or any other issues please feel free to ask. Stay happy and stay blessed. Much love <3

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