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Every thing about contraception that you need to know !

Everything a girl needs to know about contraception without consulting your doctor is listed below. Don’t shy away from knowing this, as this is mandatory knowledge for every person out there.

I never thought of writing about contraception but today I decided it is pretty important, in a country like India where people feel ashamed to speak about things like this, it is very much necessary to have knowledge about family planning before you get married.

Every girl should be aware of options in contraception

  • To avoid, accidental pregnancies
  • Abortion is traumatizing for both body and mind
  • Proper gap between each pregnancy

Medically there are multiple options, Today I am listing about the options of contraception which you can blindly follow without any consultation from your doctor.

1.Condoms & Diaphragms

Condoms are widely available in the country, diaphragm is nothing but a female condom and it is not widely popular yet and has many side effects. For now let us speak about advantages and disadvantages about male condoms.

Advantages –

  • Easily available
  • Safe& cheap
  • Devoid of side effects
  • Provides protection against STDs
  • Light, compact and disposable

Disadvantages –

  • May slip or tear.

2.Oral contraception / oral pills –

These pills are hormonal and will have oestrogen and progestogen. You will find these pills in the name of Mala- N or Mala-D in pharmacies.

In fact,you should take these pills everyday without any break continuously.

Start them on your 5th day of period and continue taking them for 21 days.  You will notice pills in different color after finishing your 21 days, they are iron supplement pills and pop them for the next 7 days. In mean time you will get your period during these seven days.
However if you are having chronic illness or heart disease or chronic migraine, do consult your doctor before starting the pill

However you should never miss a day and you should take them preferably before bed.


  • Regulates irregular period
  • Reduces bleeding
  • Protects against few diseases like ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease etc.


  • Head ache & migraine
  • Weight gain
  • Unexpected Spotting
  • Higher chances in developing – cervical carcinoma
  • Mood swings among few women
  • You should not miss taking the pill even single day

3.Post coitus pill / I pill –

This is not advised on a regular basis, it should be taken only in case of emergencies or accidents. Post coital pill has higher side effects but they fade away after couple of days. These are widely available in pharmacies. In case of condom tear or unprotected coitus, this is the only option of contraception.

It should be taken before 72 hours of coitus, the earlier the better.

Side effects –

  • Irregular menstruation
  • Severe head ache
  • Nausea
  • Mood swings
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Occasional acne


4.Safe period-

Now let us discuss about a method called calculating your safe period

It means you can have unprotected coitus during those days and yet not get pregnant

WARNING – This only works for women with a very regular 28 day menstrual cycle and has no other gynec problems and who has stress free environment.

How to calculate days according to menstrual cycle ?

The day your period starts is your day1 and on day 28 the cycle ends and day 1 starts the next day of day 28. On day 1 you should get the period

In case your period doesn’t start on the 29th day which we called as day 1 in our previous sentence, it means it is day 29 and it goes on till your period starts. The day your period starts is called day 1.

If your last period started on march 6th  and ended on march 11th  it means it is day1 to day 5, after that march 12th  is day 6 and goes on like march 26th  is day 20.

For example April 4th is day 28 and your period should come on April 5th to restart day 1 if not April 5th is 29.

So if you have the above mentioned 28 day cycle, you can calculate your safe period at home without your doctor’s help.

 Now if period cycle is day1 to day28 then your safe period is day 1 to day 7 and again day 20 to day 28.

The logic behind it is

Your ovulation happens around day 14

Sperm lives in female body for 72 hours or 3 days

Ovum lives 12 to 24 hours after ovulation. So, during your safe period there is no way the sperm can meet ovum and disintegrates without conceiving.

If you have regular cycles other than 28 days, here is a safe period calculator for you   www.safeperiodcalculator.com


You can follow above 4 without worries according to your preferences.

In case you are getting married shortly read about head to toe bridal routine.

I am listing few other things which you can discuss with your doctor and follow.

  • Breast feeding – when you are breast feeding for the first six months you won’t have ovulation and hence won’t conceive, but always a matter to discuss and follow.
  • Other contraceptive pills – you can discuss and know about more and get prescribed accordingly.
  • Sub-cutaneous implants – Where hormones are released through a device which will be implanted in your arm.
  • Intra-uterine devices like copper -T ( only for ladies with at least one child)
  • Vasectomy for males – if you plan on not having any children at all or planning to stop with your existing children.
  • Tubectomy for females – In case, you plan on not having any children at all or planning to stop with your existing children.

Myths about pregnancy you should be aware of !

Never be ashamed to discuss about family planning with your partner. Better safe than sorry. Select a method of contraception which is comfortable for both of you.

Myths about menstruation you should know!

If you have any questions about health, beauty & wellness please do not hesitate to ask, stay happy and stay blessed 🙂 much Love <3

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