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How to do meditation !

Everyone tells that meditation is good, but how to do it?

For doing pranayama or meditation there are few things which can be followed to make your meditation more productive.

There is a particular way of sitting which helps in a major way. Those are Asanas used especially for pranayamas.

Padmasana – lotus position


  • Sit on the ground with the legs stretched
  • Bend right leg at the knee and keep it on the root of left thigh, so that right heel is near the umbilicus.
  • Bend left leg at the knee & keep it on the root of right thigh & heel
  • Sit in the position comfortably with hands placed one above the other
  • Keep spine erect
  • Back, neck & body should be straight
  • Change the position of the legs after some time & perform the posture the opposite way.
  • Rest your hands on your knees
  • Benefits – makes mind more attentive

Vajrasana –

  • Sit erect with legs stretched
  • Bend at the knees
  • Let your thighs rest on your calves
  • Engage your core
  • keep your head straight
  • Tighten the thigh and breathe normally
  • This is the posture, which can be practiced even after taking meals.
  • Benefits – Improves concentration
  • After performing one of these Asanas/ you can even sit in a comfortable position if you find them difficult
  • Keep your spine erect
  • Start by breathing in deeply and breathing out slowly
  • While breathing in feel the air filling your lungs

everyday pranayama for stress free life

For more relaxing experience, just close your eyes and imagine yourself amongst nature with greenery or on the sandy beach of Calm Ocean or a pleasant water fall. Our mind has the capacity of feeling things which we imagine, be it an image of a candle or a vast field of flowers. Whatever makes you happy take a short trip over there and concentrate on your trip

  • For concentration

– People generally use mantras or chants for keeping their concentration on point.

–  You can just chant omkaram, breath in deeply and say the mighty Aum slowly and feel the vibrations.

–  You can always chant mantra of your favourite diety


  • If you are not interested in mantras
  • You can concentrate on your breath
  • Concentrate on your imagination
  • Positive dreaming

How to improve concentration?

Do this at least for 15 minutes a day for relieving stress and increasing your concentration.

Try it and find out how it feels 🙂

why should you practice yoga?

easy everyday yoga for beginners

If you have any questions regarding health, beauty and wellness, please don’t hesitate to ask. Stay happy and stay blessed Much love <3

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