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Myths about menstruation you should know!

The good times have started recently where girls are able to openly talk and discuss about their menstruation, instead of blushing away or whispering !

I am pretty sure that many superstitions such as ‘no touching pickle during period’ ‘Do not touch anyone during period’ have already been busted.

So here I am trying to cover few more myths and truths about menstruation. There are enough myths about this topic in our country which can be covered on daily basis.

  1. You will bleed liters together

Fine, if not liters many people think that they bleed a lot during menstruation. The actual amount of blood that you lose might actually surprise you.

It is just 30-40 ml. Yes you heard me right. You won’t loose more than that

If you are on those heavy bleeding days then it will be around 60 ml.

Surprising right? I was very much surprised too, when I learnt this fact.


  1. Tampons are not to be used by virgins –

Recently tampons are the entire trend in  period world right now, we hear many rumors about them, telling it’ll take your virginity away. That is so not true. Nothing takes away your virginity. You will lose it only after your first coitus.

Tampons are very much safe and can be used by everyone. Whenever you use a tampon remember to change it every 4 hours to avoid infections.

Some feel using sanitary napkin is comfortable. So, always choose according to your personal choice.


  1. You definitely will get pain during menstruation –

Only 20% of the women get severe menstrual cramps. Others will have very less to no pain. So, if you are not getting any pain that doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. You are just lucky that’s all.


  1. You should bleed only for 5 days –

This is the common misconception; it depends on multiple factors on how long your bleeding phase in menstruation will last. 3-7 occasionally  is absolutely normal and you have nothing to worry about.


  1. Bleeding is black so you have infection –

When the blood stays for a while in your uterus and slowly comes out, It gets oxidized and changes color. This kind of black bleeding will be usually seen at the end of your period. As far as you don’t have any itching, burning sensation or swelling. You don’t have to see a doctor.


  1. Eating curd makes your period blood smell bad –

This is a strong myth running around in many places. The truth is period blood doesn’t smell bad because of curd. In fact curd helps by providing good bacteria and improves gut flora further helps in digestion and reduces discomforts like bloating.


  1. No sex during menstruation –

There is no such rule at all. In reality sex during menstruation relieves cramps and eases your period. It will not look as pleasant as normal days but if you like it, there is no reason not to do it. Ayurveda suggests to avoid coitus during menstruation but in my personal opinion, that is because of lack of protection in those days. As far as you are using safety precautions, there is no reason not to !

  1. You won’t get pregnant if you have sex during menstruation –

Unfortunately that is not true for every girl. If you have a regular menstrual cycle you can very much calculate your safe period. Girls with irregular periods cannot trust this. You can have ovulation any time and sperm stays alive in female body for 72 hours and few recent studies even claim that it lives for 5 days.

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So, All you have to concentrate during your period is to pamper yourself, get cozy and take rest. Mood swings are common. Just take care and have a happy period.

If you have any questions about health, beauty & wellness please do not hesitate to ask, stay happy and stay blessed 🙂 much Love <3

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