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Myths about pregnancy you should be aware of !

There are many pregnancy myths prevalent everywhere, few myths are harmless and few actually back fire. So, today we are going to discuss and bust myths about pregnancy.

Many were actually learnt from movies 😀 and few were imposed by elders trying to do good, by making us believe false things, after all that’s how superstitions started right?

Anyways, today is not the day of discussing superstitions. Today is  myth busting day.

  1. Take bed rest –

One of our old movie myths, a girl is pregnant and the elder lady will order her not to step out of bed. You have to give enough stretching to your body, staying in one place and sedentary life style will harm your baby and you.

  1. No work –

The pregnant girl will be banned from doing any work. This may not show immediate bad effects but when you don’t give enough physical strain; normal delivery will be pretty difficult.

  1. No coffee & Tea –

Coffee and tea in excess amounts might be harmful but a cup of coffee or tea a day doesn’t hurt anyone. It will just help you to relax and calm your nerves.

  1. You cannot get pregnant after 30 –

This absolutely false girls, you can get pregnant after 30 without any problem, you might have to do enough work outs for easy labour though, as it might be little harder for your pelvis to stretch after 30. Conceiving after 30 is pretty normal. Do not get pregnant for peer pressure, do it when you are ready.

  1. Pregnancy makes you happier –

This is absolutely not true. Just because you are pregnant it won’t be like you are on a happy pill every day. On contrary you might have a lot of mood swings because of all those baby hormones running in your body. Explain this to your grand mom as most of grand moms believe that you should be very happy all the time.

  1. Little alcohol doesn’t hurt –

No, Alcohol in food, as drinks and in topical creams, everything has an impact on baby. It will greatly hamper your baby’s growth and increases the chance of your baby getting fetal alcohol syndrome.

  1. Irregular periods – you may not conceive –

That’s not true, unless you have irregular periods because of some hidden gynecology disorder. There are many reasons for irregular periods like stress, exercise etc. You might not calculate your ovulation days thoroughly but you can definitely get pregnant.

  1. Should not work out –

On contrary you should have extra work out sessions. You should definitely take care of what exercises you are doing. You can stop your current routine and opt for pregnancy work outs, which will help you a great deal in stretching your pelvic muscles.

  1. No coitus –

This is a myth, you can very well have sexual intercourse as far as you or your partner doesn’t have any infections.


These are few myths which I thought people still believe. However, If you were advised by your doctor to take bed rest or to completely cut down on coffee. You must follow it. These myths are for people with no hidden problems.

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If you have any questions regarding health, beauty and wellness, please don’t hesitate to ask. Stay happy and stay blessed Much love <3

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