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Pregnancy skin care – Do’s and Don’t s !

Pregnancy skin care is quite important and tricky. When you are pregnant taking diet care and avoiding some diets is not enough to keep your baby from getting harmed.

There is also a need of extra skin care during pregnancy, no one can argue with that natural glow but acne and stretch marks are inevitable.

You should also avoid some kind of skin care products during pregnancy.

Here are the list of don’ts of such products to be 100% sure about your baby’s safety, followed by the list of safe products for your skin care.



  • Alcohol in your products –


Using an alcohol toner or a body wash is not safe, we often tend to forget checking those tiny labels, please do check and avoid them at all costs.


  • Excess amounts of Hydroxy alpha acid –


You can use in very small amounts if you need it but avoiding it is the better solution. It is majorly seen in lotions, moisturizer. It works wonders in maintaining your skin on a normal day but not when you are a pregnant

  • Using anti-aging products –


Anti aging skin care products contain retinoid  which is helps in collagen restoration and reducing wrinkles but the same retinoid is pretty harmful for the baby.


  • No steroid creams –


Be it for pain or any other reasons do not use steroid creams during pregnancy


  • Soy products –


Soy products are high in phyto oestrogen which causes hormone tweaking especially during pregnancies. Stop using products with soy as ingredients.

  • Skin peels –

Getting skin peeling or microdermabrasion is not safe during pregnancy as there are a lot of harmful chemicals involved in it especially during pregnancy.

  • Benzyoyl peroxide & salicylic acid –


If you are using topical creams with these chemicals present for treating your acne, it is safe to avoid them during pregnancy


  • Using same prescription –


if you were prescribed some topical drugs by you dermatologist before pregnancy, re-visit him and get your prescription checked.


The way to take care of your skin –


DOs –

  • Oil for stretch marks –


be it a fancy oil like bio oil or a normal oil like extra virgin coconut oil. Massage your belly with oil every single day. This helps reducing dryness and avoids stretch mark build up during pregnancy.


  • Acne –


Acne is the common problem among pregnant women, You can always use tea tree oil or neem oil to reduce acne and fading the spots.

  • Never skip sunscreen –


there is a common myth about chemicals used in sunscreen, but sun screen is not only safe but also advisable. Never step out of the house without sunscreen. As, you will have extra sensitive skin and be prone to black spots during pregnancy.

  • Organic makeup –


Choose organic & cruelty free make up brands. As they are organic, you don’t have to worry about anything.


  • Vitamin c –


Use creams with vitamin c, It helps removing black spots and prevents re-occurrence.


  • Body butters –


Using body butters is the excellent way to keep your skin in condition. Opt for cocoa butter as it is extra nourishing.


These are few don’ts and dos for pregnant girls. Keep your skin shiny and baby healthy.

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If you have any questions regarding health beauty and wellness, Please don’t hesitate to ask. Stay happy and stay blessed. Much Love <3

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