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Are you a shopaholic? Here is your detox!

Are you a shopaholic?

If you say yes for at least 2 things mentioned below, then you are one.

  1. Are you an impulsive shopper?
  2. Do you buy something and then repent after coming home?
  3. have you spent more money than allotted budget?
  4. Do you have un-opened shopping bags in your cupboard all the time?
  5. guilty of shopping when you are happy/sad/frustrated?
  6. Did you max out on credit card just for shopping?
  7. Do you waste most of your time window shopping?


If you answered yes for the above questions, it means it is high time to have your detox.

I was a serious shopaholic until recently, these tips really helped me to transform. Though I am still in process, I have seen a major difference in my shopping habits lately.

So, here is your detox-

  1. Arrange your wardrobe –

For a shopaholic this is a really important step. If your wardrobe is cluttered, you may not know what you actually have and buy similar things or unnecessary things.

  1. Short out your wardrobe-

Be a cold hearted person and put everything that you didn’t wear in past 8 months (not party wears/silk saris) in a box. Donate it to the less fortunate people. It is a win-win situation.

  1. Mix and Match –

Look at your neatly arranged wardrobe and make mix and match options in your mind. You can note them and put tiny sticky notes in your wardrobe. This helps in knowing the art of getting dressed well with fewer options.

  1. Segregate according to occasions-

While arranging segregate according to occasions, party wear, office wear, college wear etc.

  1. Money management –

Keep a separate bank account for shopping exclusively, Put money in it on your pay day. Use only that money for your shopping exclusively. No matter what the occasion is, Do not cross this rule. If you wanna buy something expensive and you don’t have enough money in your shopping account, then save and buy next month. If you miss it, let it go! It is pretty harsh but you have to follow.

This helps in monitoring your shopping expenditure.

If you can’t allot another account, just draw the cash and keep it with you.

Helps in saving money and makes you think twice before splurging on something which you won’t be using.

  1. Online shopping detox-

Online shopping and offers tempts you to buy products right away. It is okay to shop online, just put everything in cart and just sleep on it. After a day, check your cart and re consider. This makes you stop buying things in midnight out of impulse.

  1. Always take someone along with you for shopping-

Let the person know your budget and give instructions to drag you out of the shop as soon as you reach your line. This actually helps girls : D


Extra tips for my dear girls

  • Always make sure that you used all your new dresses before buying something else.
  • Invest on evergreen pieces – blue denim, Black jeggings, Black pumps, Faux leather belt, Blazer, Faux leather bag, white palazzo, a solid kurti.
  • If you have these, you will never have fashion according to season problem.

These tips really helped me and they’ll help you too. I am not a shopaholic anymore , at least not as much as previous me !

The right way to dress up to be successful !

If you have any questions regarding health beauty and wellness, Please don’t hesitate to ask. Stay happy and stay blessed. Much Love <3

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