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Stay young forever – practical guide !

Every one of us dream about staying young forever, But where do we go wrong?

We forget our desire to stay young and get carried on with life and responsibilities.

So, how to keep the fire running stay young for a very long time?

Staying young means staying young

  • Physically

  • Mentally


How to keep your brain young ?

  1. Do what you love

It may sound simple but doing what you love releases happy hormone called serotonin and this happy hormone reduces stress, anxiety, increases energy and keeps your sleep cycle healthy.

  1. Handle stress

You might be forced into an environment where you have a lot of stress, so follow these pranayamas every day and manage your stress. How to do meditation !

  1. Travel

Traveling and seeing new places learning new cultures makes you feel alive. Time spent during that will remain as a sweet memory and a healthy addiction. This addiction keeps you engaged and active.

  1. Fall in love every day

Do not turn away from your emotions, feel all the positivity around you. Fall in love with rain, fall in love with sunset, fall in love with the tree in front of your house. There is no need to explain why it keeps us young. Just do it and you will understand right away.

  1. Dress well and be well groomed

Dressing up well and being well groomed is one of the many ways to make you fall in love with yourself. You are never too old to dress up and look pretty.The right way to dress up to be successful !

  1. Never count your age

You should always be aware of your age but don’t count the age on numbers. Just count the age by checking your bucket list. Age is just a number.

  1. Have no regrets

How to stay without having regrets, Take chances. Never be in a situation where you turn back and think what if I did that? Always take chances, If you make a wrong choice that’s okay. You will pick yourself up again but you will not have regrets of missing it. Taking chances in life is an adventure and be adventurous. Its better to say ‘uh-oh’ than ‘what if?’The ultimate guide to have success in life under control !

  1. Lear something new

Always be a student, learn something new all the time. Be it a new language or a new instrument or a new art. Learning creates more neural network and hence keeps your brain to stay young.How to improve concentration?

  1. Solve puzzles

Solving puzzles is like giving your brain food and exercise both. It Keeps you sharp and attentive for really long time.

  1. Step out of comfort zone

Try doing things which are good for  you but you are not very comfortable doing them. Like talking to a new person. If you are an introvert you would like to make conversation but you will never do, instead take baby steps and make a conversation. Stepping out of comfort zone opens door to a larger universe.

  1. Have a pet

Pets are adorable, cute babies. They make you happy more than anything else. Having a pet produces your happy hormone all the time. There are tons of advantages of having pets. Your dog looks up to you and shows genuine love. They help you stay young.


Looking young physically is also a dream for many of us. Let us see what tips we can follow to achieve that.

  1. Skin & hair care –


  1. Eat healthy

Have a well balanced healthy diet, If you are healthy, you won’t be affected by diseases often.Healthy breakfasts

  1. Include enough fats

Include fats like ghee, avocado in enough quantities to keep that collagen healthy.

  1. No alcohol abuse

People who love alcohol can not stop it all to gether and there is no need to stop it either. It has many benefits by taking in small quantities. Do not over drink , that is harmful on many levels.

  1. No tobacco

A strict NO for tobacco usage, It is carcinogenic and spoils your health in many ways

  1. Yoga

Why should you practice yoga ?Always do yoga on everyday basis. To keep your body toned and mind calm.Easy everyday Yoga for beginners !

  1. Try new workouts

Once you get the fun out of work outs you will understand how nice they are. Always try new things and learn many things

  1. Keep up with your doctor

Never skip your appointments and always keep your blood pressure, sugar levels and lipid profile in check and change your life style accordingly.

Love yourself and be yourself


If you have any questions about health, beauty & wellness please do not hesitate to ask, stay happy and stay blessed 🙂 much Love <3

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