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The right way to dress up to be successful !

Being successful is a mixture of controlling many things and focusing on what you want ! How does dressing in a certain way give you success?

  • It helps by boosting confidence
  • It makes you stay optimistic
  • Makes you look and feel extra beautiful
  • You will look more respectful and approachable at first sight.
  • It is tested scientific way


Who doesn’t want a wardrobe change and say ‘yay’ to little shopping?

So here are few tips and tricks to make all the above mentioned to happen.

Look at yourself in the mirror and imagine

Just look at your face body and your dress, Imagine which way do you think you should change your dressing way? If you are 100% satisfied the way you look, and then skip this step. If you have any tiny changes or major changes, Note them down.

Know your undertone

Knowing your skin undertone helps you choose the perfect makeup and in this case it helps access the colors which will suit you better. If you know your undertone you can skip this step. If not take this skin undertone test –

Go towards natural light and check the veins on your wrist, if the veins look blue or blue-ish in color then you have cool undertone.

If your veins look greenish, It means yellow tinge in your skin is making your veins look green and you are a person with warm undertone.

If you see mixed of both then you are a person with neutral undertone.

  • Cool skin tone – Cool white

Blue shades

Black with blue under tone

Pastel rosy shades

Jewellery – opt for silver as it compliments better


  • Warm skin tone  –      Off whites

Yellow shades and mustard shades

Red shades



Jewelry –  Gold suits better


  • Neutral skin tone – You have hit the jack pot, many and mostly all colors will suit you, Just opt for your personal favourites.


Make a list of favorite colors

Everyone has favorite colors just make a list and check your cupboard, don’t over load on them but always have your favorite colors and styles handy for your extra happy days.

Know your body shape

It’s important to know your body shape to decide what kind of shape you would like to show. Here are few shapes listed

  • Hour glass – Same size hip and shoulders and tiny waist
  • Pear – smaller shoulders and  broader hips
  • Apple – Almost same hip and shoulder but fuller waist
  • Rectangle – Same ration shoulder, hip and waist

There is no ideal shape; it all depends on how you want to present yourself. If you want little tweaks

Hour glass – wear anything and look fab, Remember to use a belt to flaunt that waist.

Pear – use flary bottoms like skirts and palazzos to cover the hips, off shoulder or boat necks to give illusion of broader shoulder.

Apple – Don’t use, waist cringing garments or belts. Use balloon tops with pants of proper fitting.

Rectangle – If you are on the skinnier side, opt for flowy materials which bulk up top and bottom and add a belt to give extra structure. If on the healthier side, opt for balloon or butterfly kind of tops which covers the waist.


Comfort comes first

No matter what kind of fashion you are into, Always stay in your comfort zone in regard to clothing. If you are a girl who likes heels but can’t walk in them? Don’t practice in office, just opt for wedges or kitten heels. Don’t like clothes that are above knee length, Don’t wear them. You feel comfortable and pretty only in saree , wear a saree but just remember to select office materials not party kind.


Opt for monochromatic look

On those days where you are running late and cannot put your dress together always opt for a mono chrome look –  It’s oh so chic

Remember not to wear flashy reds or any bright mono chrome. Always opt for lighter colors or bow down to the goddess ‘Black’.

Select your foot wear

Few people think foot wear is just nothing, but shoes put that outfit of yours together all the time. Keep your foot wear clean and relevant to your dress. There is no need to own 30-40 pairs to achieve this. Just have 1 or 2 for your ethnic wear and 1 or 2 for your modern look. Buying more shoes doesn’t hurt anyone. Having at least 2 pairs is a must.

Dress up for the occasion

Always dress up for the occasion, you can’t go for wedding wearing jeans; you cannot attend a casual day out in silk saree. Even if you have a favorite dress, if it doesn’t suit your occasion, do not wear it. There is nothing good about dressing in the wrong way in the wrong place.

Don’t give into peer pressure

We have always given into peer pressure and ended up in bad situations. Never wear something just because your friends are wearing. Where what you like and what looks good on you. No is a word which can be used. Tell ‘No’ for the things which you don’t like.How to handle a bully by yourself ?

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Finally, if you don’t have healthy skin or hair, no dress will bring out the charm. Work on skin and hair care. Always work on posture too. Don’t slouch and stay straight! Wear clean clothes all the time. The golden words are ‘Never over accessorize’.

 Coco Chanel once said “before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

Finally,  The way you carry yourself  is the way people treat you.  Follow these simple tricks and notice tons of difference in the way your day goes.


If you have any questions about health, beauty & wellness please do not hesitate to ask, stay happy and stay blessed 🙂 much Love <3

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