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Benefits of yoga and why should you practice yoga ?

Yoga plays a major role in your life, there are many yoga benefits that once if you start doing yoga religiously, you cannot stop it. It has so much positivity on your life.

Yoga is a practice, it involves more than pranayama and asanas. That is a topic for another day. For now let us see the impact of pranayamas and asnas.

Instead of just explaining aimlessly, let us see it in a clear way.

What are the yoga benefits ?

  1. Gives peace

This may sound pretty main-stream, but once you start practicing yoga you will understand exactly what I am speaking about. It makes you calmer and helps you deal your situations better. You will have a very peaceful life. Things which bothered you prior will not bother you now.

  1. Makes you healthy

Regular exercise and stretching releases endorphins and these relax your body and mind. It also regulates many hormones which help in function and metabolism. It regulates all the normal bodily functions and keeps you healthy

  1. Improves concentration

It is a well known fact that yoga improves concentration, but how?

When you practice yoga prana will freely flow in your chakras and awakens your brain.

When you do pranayama, you will practice concentrating on regular basis. Thus yoga improves your concentration.

  1. Tones your body

There is no arguing around this fact, All the stretching and working out obviously tones your body in the best possible way.

  1. Relieves stress

As discussed earlier it releases endorphins which relaxes your body and also releases happy hormone serotonin which makes you happy. A happy and relaxed person is always a stress free person.

  1. Takes away negativity

Asanas and pranayamas have this amazing breathing exercises and mantras paired with them which provide lots and lots of positive energy and so, no space for any negativity

  1. Makes you productive

When a person is stress free, happy and positive the obvious outcome is being productive. Being productive makes you successful. It in turn makes you happy.  So, put on your yoga pants and get in a loop with this amazing circle.

  1. Relieves body pains and regulates few diseases

Many life style diseases like hypertension and diabetes can be managed to a great extent by practicing this divine system. It also helps in multiple pains like back pain, knee pain etc. I will write a separate article about what asanas are prescribed for what diseases shortly.

  1. Improves Self confidence

A happy person with peace of mind and calmness always will have lot of self-confidence. It is like an all in one package.

  1. Destroys ARISHADVARGA

Arishad vargas are 6 bad qualities of a human being which should be controlled for a happy and successful life. They are

  • Kama – Lust
  • Krodha – Anger
  • Lobha – Greed
  • Moha – Temptation
  • Mada – Pride / ego
  • Matsarya – Envy and jealousy

Lastly a big bonus is that it improves your skin health, texture and glow because of the blood flow and calmness of mind.These are the yoga benefits !

So, get inspired and start doing yoga immediately. Easy everyday yoga for beginners.

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If you have any questions regarding health, beauty and wellness, Please don’t hesitate to ask. Stay happy and stay blessed. Much Love <3

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