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Effective Ayurvedic toner for pimple and acne treatment.

You can impart pimple and acne treatment in your daily routine by using this magic potion as your toner.

As we already know the importance of cleanse, tone moisturize routine. Refer – > skin care for your skin type Today I am going to share a recipe of an amazing toner which is 100% natural, alcohol free and very inexpensive. You can make this toner in a very easy manner at the comfort of your own house.

This pimple and acne treatment not only clears your pimples but also fades away your acne scars and pigmentation marks in turn giving you a clear & blemish free skin.

Let us get started on the procedure.


Ingredients required –

  1. Fresh neem leaves – 12
  2. Tulasi leaves – 9
  3. Fresh pudina/mint leaves – 3
  4. Water – 400 ml

Procedure –

Step 1 –

Wash all the leaves with clean water and make sure there is no dirt remaining on the leaves

Step 2-

Take a pestle and pound the leaves. Partial crushing is enough.

Step 3-

Heat 400 ml of water in a pan

Step 4-

Add crushed leaves into the pan

Step 5-

Boil till water becomes 100 ml

Step 6-

Let it cool down and store in a clean bottle

How to use this pimple and acne treatment?

Every day after face wash take this toner on a cotton ball and apply it all over face and leave it on.

Why should we use neem, tulasi and pudina ?

Neem –

  • Neem is an anti bacterial drug which kills germs causing acne
  • Using neem reduces acne and also prevents it.
  • It reduces scars,pigmentation and black heads
  • It fights pathogens and delays aging
  • Reduces hyper pigmentation

Tulasi –

  • It purifies skin by taking away all the impurities caused due to pollution and dirt
  • Tulasi soothes inflammations and calms the redness & swelling caused by acne
  • It is packed with anti oxidants which help in controlling free radicals therefore reduces aging
  • It is also a potent anti biotic

Mint/Pudina –

  • Mint contains salicylic acid which helps in curing acne

  • It is an anti inflammatory drug which helps in soothing the irritated acne prone skin

  • Reduces acne scars on regular use

  • Controls oiliness as it contains vitamin- A


Method of usage for a very sensitive and acne prone skin or during acute acne attack

Acute acne treatment –

Sudden outburst of pimples with severe redness is called acute acne, generally seen in teenagers and people suffering from PCOD / PCOS.

Pour this pimple clearing toner in an ice tray and freeze. After it is frozen take out the frozen toner and wrap it in a clean cotton cloth and rub it all over your face. It immediately reduces the redness, irritation and soothes skin.

The secret method for instant brightening for dull and lifeless skin –

Take a tissue paper and make holes for eyes, nostrils and lips. Now pour the toner on it and apply on face like a sheet mask. Let it stay for 10 minutes and remove it in the opposite direction of your hair growth. You can notice a clear brightening and glowing effect after doing this step.


You can use this toner as often as you wish in your pimple and acne treatment because this chemical free and alcohol free. It hardly takes any effort to make this.

If in case you cannot get fresh leaves you can use powders of respective drugs and use it in the ratio of 4:2:1 – neem : tulasi : pudina

For 100 ml of toner use 1 tbsp of neem pwder, ½ tbsp of Tulasi powder and 1/4th tbsp of pudina powder.


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