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Dark circles and how to get rid of them?

What are dark circles?

When the skin around your eyes appears in darker tone than rest of your face, we often refer it as dark circles.

What are the reasons for getting dark circles?

Your under eye skin is very thin comparing to the rest of your skin on face.

Allergies –

Rubbing your eyes because of allergy or irritation, when you frequently rub skin around your eyes, the capillaries burst open and the blood gets collected behind the delicate skin and appears dark.

Hereditary –

Some people get thin skin as hereditary. So, the blood in capillaries can be seen through which appears as dark circles.

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Age –

Age affects collagen in turn skin looses firmness and eventually dark circles are formed.

Sun damage –

In tropical countries like India, Sun is the major factor causing dark circles.
Skin produces dark pigment called melanin to protect skin from harmful UV rays caused by sun. This melanin actually helps you in reducing your chances of skin cancer.
As skin is much delicate in this area, more melanin is produced for better protection resulting in dark circles.

Hormone disorders –

In hormone disorders like hypothyroidism or PCOD, there will be water retention and makes your skin appear darker.

Stress or irregular sleep pattern or insomnia –

All these 3 reasons make your skin look lifeless and pale. Pale skin is less opaque hence skin appears darker.

Lack of nutrition and iron deficiency –

Iron carries oxygen and lack of iron makes your under eye appear darker.

Pregnancy and menstruation –

This again increases water retention thus making dark circles prominent.

Other reasons are –

excessive crying, medications which cause dilation of blood vessels, excessive caffeine intake and smoking and alcohol consumption.

How to reduce and prevent dark circles-

Before I explain an Ayurvedic paste to fade your dark circles away, Let us discuss about the day to day measure to reduces and prevent dark circles.
First and foremost point,

Stay hydrated.

There is no need to drink belly full of water and kill your appetite but do drink plenty of water to flush out your toxins and also keep your skin hydrated.

Never skip moisturiser-

Whatever skin type you have don’t skip moisturiser. I suggest you to use heavy duty moisturiser just under your eye or an eye cream

Sunscreen –

Sun screen is very important to give that external protection from sun to minimize melanin production. Thus avoid dark circles. Sun also dehydrates and makes it age faster.

Try using cold compress in case of swelling & puffy eye. You can use towel wrapped in ice.

Do not touch-

Don’t touch you under eye or constantly rub your eyes. This causes micro bleeding under the skin appearing as dark circle.

Always remove your makeup –

Leaving kajal or eye makeup on during sleep dries up your skin, multiplies bacteria and causes eye allergies and breakouts in skin.

Eat healthy-

Have a balanced nutrition and include green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet.

Tips to remove your dark circles

Rose water pads-

Dip cotton pad in rose water and apply it on your eyes every day after a tiresome day to relax and also reduce the pigmentation and puffiness. To know how to make your own rose water read this !

Rice water pads-

Soak rice in water for 30 mins and later dip cotton pad in that rice water and apply it on your eyes for 10 to 15 mins. This firms your skin and reduces the dark circles.

Potato juice –

Potato juice is potent skin bleaching agent which fades away any kind of dark spots. Grate potato and squeeze it. Dip cotton pads in that juice and apply for 10 to 15 mins. This will remarkably reduce your dark circles.

Cucumber juice –

Grate cucumber squeeze juice out of it and dip your cotton pads in cucumber juice. Now apply on your eyes for intense hydration, removal of dark circles and brightening effect.

Under eye pack –

Take small piece of potato
Rose petals
Milk cream
Almond oil
Few lemon drops
Grind it well. Then apply it on your under eyes.

Generally we do not apply any face pack under eyes. AS this is non drying and nourishing you can apply this. Leave it on for 15 mins and wipe it away with a wet cotton pad.
Moisturise immediately.

You can use this pack every day if you want. By regular use this will make your dark circles vanish.
I suggest you to use this pack once a week at least.
Even after following all the above mentioned suggestions if you don’t find results. Do consult a physician directly and get checked for any underlying health conditions.

Stay happy and stay blessed 🙂

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