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How to make Hair regrowth oil at home? – Dr.Thanusha Sambamurthy

You can make hair regrowth oil at home with simple ingredients available at your kitchen and it is also very easy to make.

Many people suffer from severe hair fall at one stage or the other which results in thin hair line, bald patches, visible scalp etc.
Whatever the reason may be in these extreme cases of hair loss, we need a solution which works faster than other normal hair growth treatments.

So, today I am going to explain how to prepare oil at home which helps in hair growth very effectively and helps you get rid of bald patches and visible scalp in a very short time.

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Ingredients for hair regrowth oil

Sesame Oil
Curry leaves
Rose petals

Preparation –

Take curry leaves and rose petals and grind them well to make a paste.
Now take onions and grind them. Later squeeze them to extract the juice. Keep onion juice ready.

For making 80 ml of oil you will need
Sesame oil – 80 ml
Paste of rose petals and curry leaves – 20 gms
Onion juice – 160 ml

Making –

• Keep oil on stove and heat it once, after it is completely heated. Switch off the stove.
• Let the oil cool down a bit and add onion juice to it. Add it at once to avoid oil from splattering.
• Now add the rose and curry leaves paste.
• Switch on stove and keep it on low flame.
• Wait till all the moisture content is evaporated.
• Once moisture is evaporated switch off the stove.
• Let it cool completely.
• Now filter it and store it in a moisture free dry container.

How to use this hair regrowth oil-

For effective results, apply this oil all over scalp and massage well. Let it stay overnight and shampoo the next day morning. To know the proper way of massaging read this ->How to do ayurvedic head massage?

Here is a bonus tip for faster hair growth –

For instant hair growth you can even apply raw onion juice on scalp and wash it after 30 minutes.
Whenever you decide to try this tip, do a patch test. If you develop any irritation with direct onion juice, then you might be sensitive for it. In that case discontinue using it.

Hair softening and nourishing hair pack

Take the remaining rose and curry leaves paste and add little milk and besan or chick pea flour in it. Mix it well and apply it on scalp. Wash it after 30 minutes.
Here are more hair pack ideas for different hair problems.
Another small thing about this oil –
It might not smell great but it works a great deal on hair. Once you wash it you will not find any smell.
If the oil smell is really bothering you, you can always add an essential oil into it.
This oil can be stored for a year, but I suggest you to make small batches and use.
Always use a suitable shampoo and conditioner, to know all about hair care do refer this -> A complete hair care guide
So, let’s wind up here and do try this oil and give me your feedback.

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