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D.I.Y teeth whitening at home by Dr.Thanusha Sambamurthy

Get rid of yellow teeth and all other dental issues by using this teeth whitening ayurvedic tooth powder.

There are multiple factors causing yellow teeth like tobacco chewing, poor dental hygiene etc.
Having pearly white teeth is the dream of every person and achieving it is very easy.

In our ancient days tooth powders were widely used for teeth cleaning. These tooth powders were made with herbs with medicinal benefits.

So, let us learn an easy to make ancient tooth powder which has teeth whitening effect along with eradicating oral diseases.

The original name of this preparation is Triphala masi.

To make this powder you will need Triphala powder and common salt.
As we all know common salt kills germs and according to ayurvedic science common salt scrapes way excess of kapha dosha present in mouth and kills bad breath too.

Triphala has tons of benefits regarding oral health. It has anti-microbial properties and also wound healing capacity. It is also anti- inflammatory.

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Triphala churna is made by mixing powders of 3 different fruits namely Amalaki, Harithaki and Vibhithaki.
Amalaki is embilica officinalis which is also known as Indian goose berry.
Harithaki is terminalia chebula which is also known as chebulic myribalan.
Vibhithaki is Terminalia bellirica commonly Known as Bahera.

Let us see how to prepare this!

• Take a required amount of triphala powder

• Keep a dry pan on stove and put triphala powder in it

• Fry it in low heat

• Keep frying until the powder turns black like soot.

• Now switch of the stove and mix it well without lumps.
• Add common salt to it

• Pound it together

Your tooth powder is now ready !

Now pour it in an air tight container.

Shelf life is – more than an year.

Usage – Use twice daily along with your tooth brush for cleaning your teeth.

This very cost effective and easy to make!
Make this teeth whitening tooth powder at home and use it regularly to see a great difference in your teeth turning white from yellow and improved oral hygiene.

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