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10 Sunscreen myths you should stop believing right now !

First thing in our minds while stepping into this summer is how to protect our skin? How to use sunscreen? Which sunscreen to buy? Summers are scary in most places of India. Protecting our skin and using a sunscreen is mandatory. As I answered all the above questions on sunscreen in my latest video, In this article I want to speak about the most believed sunscreen myths about sunscreen which might be actively or passively causing you a lot of skin damage.

Check out my sunscreen video, if you have any doubts on choosing or using sunscreen.

Now let us discuss about these myths which I have been speaking about.

1. Dark skinned people can skip sunscreen

Yes, dark skin produces more melanin and gives some protection against sun burn. Darker skin people might not be more susceptible to get melanoma / skin cancer because of sun but that does not mean you can skip sunscreen. Sunscreen protects you from harmful UVA and UVB radiation which causes other serious skin damage and also gives early signs of aging. So, whatever the skin tone might be, Sunscreen is important. Anyways regular use of virgin coconut oil can reverse the damage you did to your skin.

2. Using two products with SPF will double the SPF

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. How many ever products you layer with SPF, the protection will not add up. Imagine if you use a moisturizer with SPF 15 & foundation with SPF15 it doesn’t give you protection of SPF 30. So, how to know what protection you are actually getting? You get the protection of product with highest SPF and that alone.

3. Higher the SPF better the protection

Well, this one is not completely true. As I explained in my video, you can use as an SPF of 30 to SPF of 50 you don’t have to go higher than that. There no proven studies that show SPF 90 gave better protection than SPF 50. When people buy products with higher SPF they believe it gives better protection and they don’t apply it enough which in turn causes damage because of lack of protection.

4. Sunscreen is more harmful than sun

Sunscreen definitely has its fair share of chemicals in it. All of them might not be very good for skin and some sunscreens with SPF more than 50 might also contain carcinogens in them. However Sun causes more damage than a sunscreen can ever can. The chances of developing cancer with sun exposure is much higher comparing to getting cancer due to sunscreen. So, the base line is “Always wear sunscreen”.

5. You should use sunscreen only during summer

Again unfortunately this is not the case, even when there is no harsh sun there will always be UV rays penetrating. Even if you don’t find it really sunny, you should always wear sunscreen. Yes, even when there is an over cast you need your sunscreen.

6. Sunscreen prevents tan

Sunscreen does not completely prevent tan. It helps you avoid sun damage and pigmentation. However it reduces the level of tanning. Tanning is natural defense mechanism of our body. If you really want to avoid tanning along with sunscreen add some physical barrier like a scarf or a hat.

Just as a bonus here is a video on tan removal

7. Plain sunscreen offers excellent protection

As I sang praises of sunscreen all this while, I should also tell it’s down side a little bit. Sunscreen alone cannot protect you all together. To get maximum protection out of sunscreen the best thing you can do is add on physical barriers. Add layers of clothes and also use hats.

8. You can use your left over last year’s sunscreen.

Just like any other cosmetic product, your sun screen expires too. You have to check the expiry date and use it accordingly. Once the date is crossed it loses all its potency and will not work at all. So, buy fresh stock and use them up before it’s too late. Once it crosses expiry date, toss it out without any mercy. I know it’s hard but you have to do it.

9. Apply it in the morning and you are set

You can’t just apply it once and forget about it like other skin care products. You have to apply and reapply by calculating the SPF. To be one the safe side, apply your sunscreen every 2 hours and wash it off after you come back home.

10. Sunscreen is water proof

Water resistant sunscreens are available in the market, but they are not water proof. They can resist water for a while. As soon as you are out of water you will have to apply your sunscreen again. That is the only way you’ll get the benefit of applying sunscreen.

Like it are not we all should bow our heads in front of the army of sunscreens. It is the only way to protect ourselves from the wrath of sun. So, learn how to use them and use them regularly to maintain healthy skin.

If you want to share or ask anything mention them in the comments below. Stay happy and stay blessed. Much Love <3

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