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Summer hair care routine – 10 tips for beautiful hair

How much ever you say you are a summer person, dealing with your hair during summers is a full time job. In summers there will be lot of frizziness, dryness, hair fall, hair breakage, split ends and also dandruff. How to prevent all these adverse effects of summer and have great problem free and gorgeous locks this summer?

How to stop hair fall

I have compiled few summer hair care tips which you can follow effortlessly for getting the hair you deserve.

Now that I convinced you to read further, here are my tips.

1. Sun Protection

Just like your skin your hair needs sun protection. There are two options for this; either cover your hair with scarf or hat whenever you step into sun. The other option is using sunscreen designed for your hair or get serums or any other products with SPF in them. In my personal opinion the first option is always better physical barrier is better than chemical barrier isn’t it?

2. No blow drying

This is pretty much self explanatory, when there is already scorching heat outside we don’t want give more heat to our hair. If you are in hurry and you have to blow dry at any cost then just use cool setting and also just dry your scalp area. Don’t blast dry your ends If you do, then you are going to wake up with split ends. So, please give your blow dryers some rest this summer and air dry your locks.

3.Do not skip conditioner

As we all know we have extra dry and frizzy hair in summer do your hair a favor and just don’t skip conditioner ever. Even if you skip your shampoo it’s okay but not conditioner. I am going to speak about this skipping shampoo point in the future but for now use good hydrating conditioner and never ever skip it.

4. Opt for loose hair updos and braids

In short don’t leave your hair open when you are strolling outside. Always tie them up in a loose messy bun or hairstyle of your choice but just tie your hair. Leaving it open in hot summer breeze dries up your hair and might cause hair breakage.

5. Oil your hair or use leave in conditioner

After you wash your hair and towel dry it, take some coconut oil and warm it up with your palms and apply for hair ends and shaft. This locks moisture in your hair and prevents split ends. By applying oil I don’t mean that you grease up your hair, Just few drops will do. If you have any favorite hair brand you can use leave in conditioner or any hair serum too. You can even try oil massage before washing your hair. If you want to know the correct way to do head massage check this out.

6. Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning does wonders for your hair, either invest in a good hydrating hair mask or the other best option is using homemade D.I.Y masks. check out these amazing D.I.Y masks for every hair concern.

7. No heat styling

Heat styling is harsher than blow drying, so how about we stop both? Heat styling sucks out all the moisture in your hair makes it very brittle further leading to breakage. For styling you can use other overnight and heatless alternatives like overnight curls etc.. If you have to use heat at any cost keep it as a rule that you use heat protective serums or sprays.

8. Stay away from hair coloring

If you are planning to color your hair now is not the time, coloring hair is bleaching hair and then imparting new pigments. This damages hair, dries it up and also causes split ends and breakage. Just wait for few months and then color treat your hair all you want. If you have already colored it, then just use products designed for colored hair and also use lot of conditioning and nourishing hair masks.

9. Trim existing split ends

Once you find a split end on your hair there is no way it goes back to normalcy, it just grows and grows to damage your hair. So, if you have pre existing split ends get them trimmed or trim them yourself at home. The best thing to do is trim your hair and get rid of all the damaged ends as soon as summer starts. The good news is hair grows faster in summer, so you don’t have to worry about length.

10. Do not wash hair every day

Excess washing causes dryness and also dandruff, but I can totally understand you washing hair everyday in summer due to sweat and dirt. If you feel your scalp is really dirty and you have to wash your hair at any cost just use conditioner. Wash your hair with plain water, skip shampoo and use good conditioner. This way you can preserve your scalp oils and also keep your hair frizz free.

These are the ten tips I wanted to share and I want to give an extra tip for good hair that is watch what you eat. Eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and also keep your body hydrated.

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I hope you guys follow these tips and enjoy your gorgeous healthy hair. If you have any question regarding health, wellness and beauty, please do mention them in the comments below.

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