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How to keep your body cool this summer? – 10 lifestyle tips

Every one of us is in constant search of finding body coolants, drinks that cool our body and also food items this summer. As I am in the process of making videos on those two topics I decided to write on how to keep your body cool with your lifestyle. Yes, just food alone doesn’t make all the difference. We should follow certain lifestyle tips too to be on top of our game and to keep our mind and body cool.

1. Cold Showers

It might look quite simple but according Ayurveda cold water is the best body coolant that is available. Quit bathing with hot water and start using cold showers. It refreshes you, reduces sweat production throughout the day and also rejuvenates your skin keeping you fresh all day long.

2. Hydration

This again is a pretty basic point. Hydrate well; you don’t have to drink gallons of water. Just make sure that you are well hydrated with 2-3 liters of water per day and also include foods which are rich in water content and also keep your electrolytes in check.

3. Get enough sleep to keep your body cool

If you have watched my summer skin care video, you would have noticed me mentioning this point too. If you haven’t I’ll break it down for you. Vata is more in human body during summers, few characteristics of kapha counteracts vata, so to reduce vata or in this case excessive dryness in the body you have to get good 6-8 hours of sleep. This nourishes your body and reduces dryness.

If you want to watch my summer skin care video, here it is !

  1. Good clothing

There is a reason that people say dress according to the season. Your clothing should always keep you comfortable, confident and fresh. In summer bid farewell to all tight clothing and start wearing flowy dresses and also opt for fabrics which are breathable. Cotton is the best choice of clothing in summer. Coming to color palette consider wearing whites, pastels and also light colors as they reflect light and keep you cool.

5. Take a lot of vitamin C

In my opinion vitamin C is the king of the vitamins. It gives you the super power to find sun damage and also great for giving you that refreshing feeling. You can try all fruits with citrus to get yourself some vitamin C.

6. Avoid heavy meals

The simple logic is when you eat heavy meals body generates heat to digest it and as it is heavy this process happens for long time and makes you uncomfortable. So, always have small and easy digestible meals. This keeps you active and your body cool.

7. Facial sprays

Facial mists are one of the best things you can use for getting external hydration and cooling effect for your skin. Along with extra cooling benefits it also removes dirt and pollution from time to time and reduces your chances of getting acne and heat stroke. The best way to make facial spray is to fill rose water in a spray bottle and use it as a mist. Here is a link for you make rose water at home.

8. Cooling eye pads

Using eye pads regularly gives cooling effect to the whole body along with it eye pads also reduce puffiness, redness and dark circles. You can either buy eye pads with gel in it, store them in refrigerator and use them for cooling or you can make your own D.I.Y eye pads with rose water. All you have to do is soak some cotton pads in rose water, store in refrigerator and use it as required.

9. Face masks and sheet masks

After you come back home from burning sun the best way to treat yourself is to apply some non drying face mask. Speaking about non drying face masks, there are multiple sheet masks available in market or you can make one for yourself with a paper towel and your favorite ingredients. Basically you can use any mask you like according to your skin type but make sure it has hydrating properties.

10. Using aloe vera

Be it internally or externally Aloe vera always does wonders to your skin, hair and body. It is intensely hydrating and refreshing. It also has healing properties which is beneficial to tired and damaged skin. You can use aloe vera gel as a post sun exposure face mask or you can extract aloe vera pulp from its leaf and make juice out of it for internal cooling effect or you can use it as hair mask to nourish your hair. Whichever way you choose to use it, make sure that you include aloe vera in your summer care. Check out this post for exclusive summer hair care.

A tiny easy to make ayurvedic remedy to reduce body heat.

A small extra tip

Whenever you step out of your house do not forget to use your sun glasses. Sun light is very harmful to eyes and it might cause an early onset of cataract in your eyes. So, always use sun glasses and protect your eyes.

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I hope you guys follow these tips and enjoy your summer to the fullest. You don’t have to follow each and every tip mentioned but make sure you follow some of them which suit your lifestyle.

If you have any question regarding health, wellness and beauty, please do mention them in the comments below.Stay happy and stay blessed. Much Love <3

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