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Summer foods and drinks to reduce body heat

I have written many articles about beating the heat this summer and I wanted finish this summer series with cooling summer food items.
It’s quite common to crave some cooling diet in summers but not knowing which diet might work best. So, I compiled few really good cooling foods for you guys to have an amazing summer ahead.

Cooling drinks

1. Tender coconut water

First and foremost one is nature’s gift. It is very rich in electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and it’s also very cooling and nourishing in nature. The bonus is regular intake of tender coconut water gives a clear glowing skin.

2. Mint & Cucumber infused water

To make this chop fresh mint leaves and slice fresh cucumber, add there two in a bottle or a mason jar, pour water in it and let it sit for at least one hour. After that enjoy it through out the day to keep hydrated this summer. It’s rich in vit A, Vit C and it also flushes out toxins giving you a good detox.

3. Churned Buttermilk

For this take curd add 5 parts of water in it and churn well to remove butter from it. Once the butter is all removed you can add some fresh coriander and green chilies along with some salt or just drink plain butter milk. This is an ancient recipe called Chachika which was used by our ancestors for reducing body heat.

4. Cold Milk

According to Ayurveda cold milk instantly cools down the body, reduces pitta, refreshes and nourishes the body as well.

5. Lemon juice

Yes, the famous lemonade is one of the best summer drinks available because it is rich in vit C which helps you fight sun related problems. You can even drink lemon infused water by adding few lemon wedges in your drinking water.

Summer Fruits to reduce body heat

  1. Melons are amazing during summers; they are wonderful cooling and hydrating fruits. Have lots of fresh melons like water melon and musk melon regularly to beat the heat.
  2. Another Amazing fruit is Ice apple. You would have already seen my post on ice apple and its benefits on my instagram account; It is very rich in anti-oxidants, electrolytes. It hydrates and keeps you fresh for longer hours.
  3. Indian Goose berry or Amla is an excellent source of vit C and also an incredible fruit to reduce body heat according to Ayurveda. You can either eat it as a whole or make juice out of it and enjoy.

Cooling Vegetables

It’s very simple; just opt for all vegetables high in water content. You can opt for fresh salads, cucumber and other similar guards for giving you lot of hydration and also energy to beat the summer heat. Fresh beetroots and carrots help you in reduction of body heat too.

Before I wind up my very small compilation I want to insert my personal opinion here, I very much understand the importance of milk and dairy products in our life. I request you to buy milk and other dairy from local farmers who take care of their cattle well, avoid buying products from corporate companies, they do not keep their cattle happy and you should not include byproducts of a stressed and anxious animal in your diet. It affects your health too. Hope you give this a thought 🙂

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