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What I eat and why I eat that ? – MY DIET JOURNEY

Many of you requested me to share my diet. Before I explain what I eat, I should probably explain why I eat that too! Let me take you back to my childhood a little bit. I have been brought up in a family where meat is the staple diet and my dad being a doctor with a habit of hunting (until it was banned at least) took healthy eating and meat intake pretty seriously.


I loved eating meat, to be frank I still love eating meat for the way it tastes and for the amount of goodness it does to body. If you have known me for a while you would have noticed that I am a bit of a foodie and my tongue majorly controls or at least controlled me. Now coming back to our story, my body was very much used for a non vegetarian diet plan. However I had and still have lot of compassion towards animals, somewhere I always felt eating meat is morally wrong. I completely understand the cycle of life and humans being omnivorous but the way we choose to consume meat ( by overcrowded chicken farms and meat houses in short, torturing animals to finally kill them ) didn’t let me be at peace. So, I turned a complete vegan when I was 16 years old and rebelled against my parents.

My short vegan life

My vegan lifestyle continued for 2 years where I was in a boarding school without proper vegan options and diet knowledge that led me to starve myself and I got malnourished eventually to an extent that I started having tremors in my hands and there was a very visible scalp on my head and my skin was pretty much dried up and looked very unhealthy. I ended up having some G.I.T disorders as well (which I face till today) Finally my parents took matters into their hands and after lot of struggle somehow I got convinced eating meat for survival is not a bad thing even though I had tremendous guilt about it internally but I ignored the guilt and pushed it away (not at all proud of what I did but I want be honest with you guys so sharing my bad side too)

Current diet status

Currently my clinic is on the way to a chicken shop and after starting to work there, I had to pass through that shop every single day and see chickens being kept in small cages and being overcrowded and all that suffering brought my senses back. I realized what I was doing was completely wrong and changed my diet immediately.

Now coming to current diet status, I am not vegan or vegetarian or pescatarian. I don’t know how to name myself. As I said, I suffer from G.I.T problems till today and have to plan my meal accordingly (some lifestyle disorders can only be managed not cured). Now that I am doing a course in food and nutrition ( going to be a certified nutritionist soon enough which I am super proud & excited about ) I have much better understanding of what my body needs and what it can absorb and what it can’t.

Naming myself

So, my current diet status is I try to eat vegan food as much as possible and add eggs which are sourced from a local farmer who takes good care of his poultry and treats them well along with that very occasional dairy in the form of curd for probiotics & homemade ghee ( I take supplements for probiotics on regular basis but natural source is important too ) sourced from the same farmer. (I get to see the cows whenever I want, to make sure they are treated right and I am not encouraging an evil system) and very occasionally some fish (I have no explanation or reason for this. I am not proud of it and hoping to stop as soon as I can. I tried my best to quit but occasional guilty pleasures happen when I am on a night out or when mom makes delicious meal and tempts me. Considering all that, I claim I still eat sea food )

How I plan my diet ?

When I plan my meal it consists of 90 % plant origin and 10% eggs + dairy. I try to keep my diet dominated with protein and give equal importance to all other nutrients after that. I am pretty sure you got tired of my rants, most of you might not accept what I do is right and I myself I am not proud of my occasional sea food habit but I find sourcing eggs and dairy from happy animals is not a bad thing, as animals are taken care well and we get our whole nutrition too. If we don’t support genuine farmers, no one will take care of these domesticated animals and living on their own in a human dominated world is not a very easy thing either.


I thought knowing the history of my diet is important before going into details so shared all this.

My complete meal plan will be out on next Thursday. In that I’ll share the exact meal plan I follow and also nutrition options for pure vegans as well (I appreciate your dedication guys). Until then try not to hate me, I am just here to share my personal thoughts. Eating meat or not eating is completely your choice and I am not trying to guilt you or make you feel bad for your choices.

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