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My Current Diet Plan – Vegan options included !

Hello guys, I said plenty about why chose this diet so today I am going to share my exact meal plan. Each day you’ll need your macro nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and Micro nutrients like vitamins, minerals etc.. You can’t skip any of the vital nutrients if you want to follow healthy meal plan. However getting everything you need in a single meal can be a tedious task. So, I suggest you to try your best to include everything by the time you finish your day. This plan is not a weight loss diet or weight gain diet, It’s just a healthy nutritious meal. I am 163 cm tall and currently weighing 50 kilos / 110.2 pounds, I just want to maintain without reducing my weight or increasing too much.


If you are following me on instagram, you might already know that I had a habit of drinking coffee first thing in the morning, however lately I changed that habit. Now as soon as I wake up, I drink a glass of lemon juice (no sugar & no salt) this kind of kick starts my morning. Whenever I do this, I have incredible appetite throughout the day and I feel fresh. This stimulates your gastro intestinal tract and also stimulates your liver to flush out toxins. There you’ll finish a quick detox.


For breakfast I prefer light flavors, I don’t appreciate any spicy food for breakfast. So, here are my options.
1. Whole wheat brown bread toast + peanut butter / almond butter (unsweetened) + 1 serving any fresh fruit.
2. Egg scramble + steamed carrots/beans/broccoli + any fresh juice / fruits
3. Yogurt/curd + fresh cut fruits +soaked almonds ( vegans can opt for coconut yogurt )
4. Banana + Fresh fruit + almond milk smoothie
5. Muesli + almond milk / soy milk
6. Whole wheat pancakes or Ragi pancakes. Vegans can use coconut milk / almond milk instead of milk and banana instead of eggs.
7. Whole wheat brown bread toast + eggs scramble + steamed vegetables / some lettuce
If you prefer Indian cuisine you can opt for any normal breakfast but replace the grain with healthier option and also add some vegetables and some fresh fruit / juice on the side

Post breakfast

I am not much of a snacking girl and I do drink a cup of coffee in between, Can’t leave my coffee guys ! I have plain black coffee with 2 tsp of sugar. ( trying to quit sugar but not able to ! someone help me do this.) If you are a snacking person, snack on fresh cucumbers or carrots.


I generally eat rice for lunch when at home but always brown rice, that shiny white rice comes out only on special occasions people !
Brown rice + one type of steamed vegetable ( one for each day in a week ) + lentil ( dal/sambar )
Sometimes its Brown rice + Any green leaf + beans ( like rajma, double beans, chana etc.. )
Occasionally it’s Roti with some vegetables and some dal / beans.
You know how many number of mixed combinations will come out of this pattern right? Only that you have to make sure is your rice should be 1 part and vegetables/green leafy vegetables 1 part and lentils / beans 1 part. Brown rice is very filling and very rich so have it in lesser quantity than your white rice.


Unless it’s cold or raining I generally prefer a glass of juice in the evenings. As I said earlier I am not much of a snacking girl, if you want to snack you can have a bowl of fruit or some light cookies with tea or coffee. Speaking about tea or coffee, if it is cold or raining I opt for some Tulasi tea / Chamomile tea or Black coffee.


I know we are supposed to have a very light dinner but this is the time me and my husband get to spend some quality time with each other. So, I am used to having a little heavier dinner which I am trying to change by the way. So, here are my dinner options.

  1. Mostly Roti with a side of steamed / sautéed vegetable or mushroom
  2. Whole wheat spaghetti with egg plant and tomato sauce
  3. Mashed potatoes with grilled vegetables or patties
  4. Aloo / Gobi / Palak Paratha
  5. Pasta with mixed vegetables
  6. Brown bread with boiled beans
  7. Broken wheat pulav with loads of veggies.


Sometimes I get cravings for dessert, mostly I eat dark chocolate / roasted almonds / Curd blended with some fresh fruit. Sometimes I come up with something healthy yet tasty :p

This is my whole meal plan which I am currently following guys. This is really helping me maintain my weight and also to be active, energetic all day. While selecting Items I mostly see to it that they cover all my needs for the day. Just make sure to have at least one type of vegetable and one type of fruit and some nuts / nut milk every single day along with your carbohydrate and protein options. Whenever I am on a night out or on a date night I go wild and eat whatever I want. The whole point of healthy eating is to be fit and be happy. As far as you choose healthy eating on a regular basis you can eat all the junk you want occasionally.

You don’t have to follow exactly the same diet but you can always mix and match along with picking up some ideas from this diet plan. If you are looking for weight loss or loosing excess body fat, you can just reduce quantity of carbohydrates and increase greens /fruits etc.. Hoping this helps you well.

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